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I didn’t blog yesterday because it was the most horrendous day. Monday was pretty AWFUL, and you never think it can be beaten. But it was.

However, today was much better. Was supposed to be doing a big stock-take at work in the evening which got cancelled, so I’ve had a day off. But I had to do the shopping, cleaning etc because I won’t be home much the next couple of days. Two very early starts for me the next two days which is why I’m off to bed as soon as I’ve uploaded this little gem. This is *skip*’s favourite photo of Tyson to date. Ever. And that’s saying something. I just wanted to journal about how much he’s growing up and how big this year is going to be/has already been in terms of his confidence and development. He’s taken on a lot of new responsibilities and he’s really “stepping up to the plate” as it were. Which is fantastic. I’m so very proud.

Ok, enough blathering…. here’s the layout!

You have NO idea how long it took me to do that text around the bracket. I really did contemplate just throwing my mouse out the window at one point!! But I just love the whole finished product! šŸ™‚

Ok. It’s nearly 10pm which is late enough for me tonight. Never thought I’d be saying THAT but it’s true! Night all! šŸ™‚Happy Crafting - Cassie.

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