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My life just slips through my fingers like fists of sand. I think that’s one reason that I scrap, in a desperate attempt to hold on to just one or two of these moments. I refuse to be the person that can’t remember those special times, where we were and how it felt.

Here’s just a couple of layouts I managed to ooze out lately. I have been working hard behind the scenes spring cleaning my computer – lots of burning back-ups and rearranging of files. *skip* just bought me a Mozy subscription today, so I have to tidy up all the odd documents and files that I seem to accumulate over a few months. Now I have a quick, cheap printer, I am able to print off all those recipes I’ve been hoarding, some sheet music for Tyson, some Camera and Photoshop tutorials. It’s all good.

Ok, layout time 🙂

Hopefully I’ve got a couple of days off coming up, assuming no-one ELSE at work gets sick… and I have grand plans for my time – cleaning the fridge, microwave and pantry! Maybe some scrapping too…. 😉Happy Crafting - Cassie.

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  1. Carol

    I completely agree about life passing by, and I don’t want my future relatives looking back on my photos now and thinking “who is she, what was her story, I wonder where this photo was, what they were doing” like i’m doing with so many old photos now.

    I want to leave a bit of myself, my family, my loved ones behind, I want us to become tangible for future generations so they’ll never have to wonder. That’s what it is for me. Also it’s nice to look back and see how we’ve grown, changed, and remember those moments.

    Fabulous layouts as always, “say cheese” is a crack up.

  2. Tania

    Ahah! That Say Cheese layout is so funny! Love the paint on the first one too. And always such pretty photos! Loving these!

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