I’m back, Baby!!

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This time of year is always crazy with work, and juggling the school holidays around that.

So far for the holidays we have been to the Musuem to see an exhibition on baby Dinosaurs and Dinosaur eggs. It was very interesting, but a bit hard to take it all in. Sadly, they didn’t see fit to publish a book/guide that we could take home to remember all the cool stuff that we saw. Disappointing.

We have also been to the movies, to see Madagascar 2. To be perfectly honest with you, for me, it was a let-down. Haven’t actually discussed a movie review with *skip* yet, but I think he and the boys enjoyed it.

The boys also got to camp out last week. We have “inherited” my Dad’s wonderful old camping trailer, which he and my brothers BUILT many moons ago. It’s still in excellent working order, and we are going away in it next week hopefully. We had to set it up to make sure that everything was working, go through all the cupboards and work out what we need/what’s missing etc. We would like to set it up as a sort of permanent ready to go thing, so I’ll get some op-shop pans and tea-towels etc, and just leave it all in there, ready to go. Aaahhhh the freedom. So anyway, the boys decided that they wanted to sleep in it, all by themselves, 2 nights last week. They loved it, although they weren’t impressed when I informed them that when we are ALL away in it, they will be sharing the end bed. I am NOT sleeping on the table just so they can have their own “space” hehehehe……

It was a bit nervewracking… not to mention such a big growing up move. I mean, they were out there, on their OWN. I didn’t sleep very well waiting to hear them come in crying or scared or hurt or cold or something… but finally around 2 am I fell asleep (they’d been asleep for over 4 hours  at that point!) and the next thing I knew, it was morning and they were coming in to the house to get breakfast, to take it back out to the van to eat. Wow!

So, what else have we been up to? Not a lot. Had a couple of friend’s over for a long overdue dinner last night. We were going to get yummy Indian takeaway, but the Indian shop is shut until after new years, so we had to have yummy gourmet pizza instead. Oh, the humanity….

I have got some layouts for you to enjoy as well… I haven’t taken any new photos for a while, hopefully that will change soon with a trip away 🙂





We also had a very successful present day this year, I’ll have to share some of those with you soon 🙂 But right now, I just heard that our booking is confirmed, so I had better get my skates on and start sorting out what we are taking away with us and what is getting stored into the shed…… This is very exciting, it’s the start, hopefully, of a new tradition for our family. Some new memories to be made!!Happy Crafting - Cassie.

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  1. Kim Jensen

    Love the layouts! So fresh and fun! Hope you had a wonderful time camping!

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