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In the famous words of Inigo Montoya, “Let me explain……   No, there is too much. Let me sum up.”

So let’s do some summing up. When we left our heroine, she was embarking on a brief holiday with the love of her life, and her 2 precious children ;). What we didn’t know was that she had also QUIT her job (*gasp* from the crowd).

So, in the last 3 weeks, I have finished up with one job, the first one I had in 9 years. I worked there for 2 and nearly a half years, learnt so much about both the photographic industry, and myself. Now considering the  things that have happened to us in the last 12 or so months, the changes we have made to our life, and the changes that have been forced upon us, but we have embraced, I am not the same person that they employed, nor was I working in the same workplace. It was more than time for a change.

Another opportunity has presented itself, which is to work, again in the photo industry, in a shop that is “new” but old. It closed down last year, but one of my work-mates has reopened it and I am working with her now. She has been extremely generous, considering she has family to consider as well in the equation. She has given me 3 full days a week, no more little annoying shifts that never let me get anything started or finished at home. No more getting home at 4pm to have lunch, only to turn around and cook dinner 1/2 an hour later. What a relief that will be, to my digestion most of all! She has also offered me a permanent part-time position. This means that I will get PAID holiday and sick leave. AND paid Public Holidays (we have one of those coming up this week!).

Not only that, but it is a more relaxed and comfortable workplace. No swearing, no prima donnas, no State Manager breathing down your neck and expecting you to mislead customers. Just plain and simple good customer service, with a big smile. I used to get sick to my stomach driving to work, have panic attacks and stomach upsets every morning. Now I roll out of bed, don my new uniform, and breeze off to work with a smile on my face. Because, despite all the teething problems we have had getting the store set up, I feel VALUED, I feel COMFORTABLE and most of all, I am happy. And that is the most important part.

Now, because this new job requires me to travel nearly 50km’s each way in totally the opposite direction from the city and the major town I used to work in, I also have a new set of wheels! For the first time in 12 years, we are a 2 car family. Wow. What a huge step. We would never do it by choice, no matter how “convenient” other people made it out to be, but now it’s a necessity. I (we) but it’s referred to as Mum’s car. I bought a 4 (nearly 5) year old Nissan. 4 cylinders, economical, well maintained and in very good condition body wise (only a few nicks and scratches in the paint). We got it at a fantastic price and now I’m a free and independant woman. It feels really cool hooning home from work, bluetooth headset on and chatting to Andrew about our respective days.

However, I am struggling a little bit with the hours. Averaging 21 hours a week isn’t new for me, but doing it in only 3 days is. It’s going to take a bit of organization to get the house running. I wash almost every night now. Wednesday I cooked a double batch of lasagne, enough for 2 meals this week, and 2 more meals worth in the freezer. *skip* is usually home on Friday afternoons, so Friday is simple night (2 min noodles, boiled eggs etc) if he’s not able to cook for the night. He often helps out on weekends with the cooking which is also a huge help. Thursday is definitely “eat from the freezer” night. As well as the lasagne, there’s a meal of Taco mince in there too.

I am also looking into simple ways of taking my lunch, at least once a week I hope. I was going to freeze some cooked chicken into sandwich size portions so I could just toss them into my lunchbox and by noon, they will be thawed. Add some left-over potato salad or fried rice, and you have a meal.

Sadly, my computer is calling out to me, pleading with me to scrap something, anything! I have zoo photos, holiday photos, anniversary photos, but no energy. By 9pm every night, the dishes are just done, the mountain of washing is reduced to one lot on the line, and the rest are folded. The boys are tucked up in bed, and I am just beat. But this will come. Every day at work is just learn learn learn – new computer system, new kiosks, new printer. New customers, in a new town with just lots of new everywhere. Each night my head is spinning with processing it all. Once we are over this stage, and new becomes routine, I think I will have more energy.

Meanwhile, the school holidays have marched on. The boys are back at school on TUESDAY (eeek where did that come from!). I took Sam shopping on Wednesday and we got a whole lot of new uniform stuff for him. He was wearing a lot of Tyson’s old t-shirts, had been for over a year and they were just getting to faded, with worn spots turning in to holes in them. So 3 new shirts, 2 long pants, 2 pairs of shorts and he’s set for the time being. He is facing a new teacher and a new classroom this year, whereas Tyson is straight back in with the same teacher from last year so we are confident and ready to handle it. Well, everything except the fact that he is in Grade 6 and is now a Senior.!.!.! Where the heck did that come from?

Ok, so maybe I didn’t do too good a job of the whole summing up thing……. Seriously. But there was a lot of ground to cover for the last few weeks!

Thanks for stopping in, I hope to have something more decorative for you to look at real soon!Happy Crafting - Cassie.

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  1. Kim Jensen

    Wow! Big change! But you sound so happy and excited. 🙂 I hope you find your groove with your new routine soon and the boys have a terrific first day of school!

  2. jtlulumom

    Oh it’s good to catch up with you. I, for some stupid reason, didn’t get you added to my feed reader when we all made the change from our old site. I can’t believe I’ve missed so much! Just kick me in the rear please!

    Sounds like you are really busy, I totally relate! I am looking forward to catching up with you though!

    (Tania, now known on wordpress as jtlulumom)

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