2 months later

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I just thought I’d pop in to say hello to my poor neglected blog, with some faithful readers. I had no idea that it had been 2 months since I last posted. Things are moving both quickly and slowly around here, if you know what I mean.

We did get away for a holiday for three weeks. We had actually booked it a few weeks before Mum passed away, and it couldn’t have come at a better time.

I have also had more drama, the week before we were going away, I was in a nasty car accident and my poor baby car, that I had only had for 18 months, has been written off. I was very lucky to get out with only some sprains and bruises, although they are taking long enough to heal. Apparently severely bruised bone can take weeks and weeks to heal!?! I had no idea about that, and thought I was going mad with all the pain continuing. But I’m getting better everyday.

So, we are still waiting on the new normal. There are many variables that are floating around in our vicinity at the moment. To cope, I have had to reduce my work hours to 2 days a week now. This was hard, but is good because I need me, and my family needs me more than my work needs me or I need the money. Sadly I have had to drop out of the Uni course that I had started this year. However that’s not the end of the world, as I can pick it up again later on if I need to.

I have managed to get all the photos of our trip printed, the album stuffed, and even got some lovely new enlargements up on the walls.

I have also been working on my personal site – still very much a work in progress at the moment, but as soon as *skip* and I get some spare time in the same room at the same time, then much will be achieved, I hope 😉 Meanwhile, the blog is up and I have actually posted there.

Cassandra Madge Photography

So that’s where we sit at the moment. Hopefully there will be news and some resolution in all the different areas we’re dealing with at the moment soon. Meanwhile, I might be back. 😉Happy Crafting - Cassie.

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  1. Kim Jensen

    So good to see you peek in. The vacation sounds like just what you needed. Hope the bruises are better soon! Off to check out the new blog! 🙂

  2. Tania

    Glad to see you checking in, I’ve been thinking about you. Your new site looks nice. I can’t wait to see some more of your photography!

  3. Carol

    So glad to see you post. Oh how horrid to have such a bad accident. I’ve been in one where the car I was driving was written off and it’s such a shocking feeling, because you go through the “what ifs”. Just be thankful it wasn’t worse than it was, though a bruised bone sounds very painful.

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