Another month slips by

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It’s truly amazing how fast time is slipping by right now. We’ve all been sick, on and off over the last couple of weeks, and we’ve been very busy with home, and work, and our need to go down to my parent’s house, where the big “finish the house off and sell it” project has begun. 2 of my older brothers are spending almost all their time there, as they are more practical and handy than I am. I’m more the weekend gardening help. But that’s about all I’ve been good for, as I’m still getting physiotherapy for my shoulder/knee after the car accident. But life rolls on.

We got a little bit adventurous today with food – I made open toasted sandwiches today with fresh ingredients from our wonderful local vegie store. Ham, sundried tomato, roasted asparagus and fresh grated parmesan on top. Heaven on a plate, I assure you.

We have only had asparagus once before, when we had some special guests over for dinner, and I remember not hating it at the time. Which is funny, as my Mother had always insisted that Asparagus tasted dreadful, that she hated it and would never have it in the house. I’m sure though, that was tinned asparagus. I certainly can’t see anything to hate about how I made my fresh asparagus, roasted in the oven with a drizzle of olive oil and a sprinkle of salt and fresh ground pepper. It made a wonderful contrast to the salty parmesan and the sun-dried tomatoes.

So that would be the highlight of the day today I think. It’s been fun taking a bit more interest in food, and coming up with some real new winners for the family. I am having a tupperware party on the weekend – no, don’t unsubscribe, you know you love me! At least it’s encouraged me to empty out the fridge and re-organise the pantry, and you have no idea how badly needed that was. Ick.

The kitchen in this house is still something I can’t stand and is barely functional, but I’m lucky to have a house, and a kitchen even if I don’t like it, so we will focus on that at the moment. Little victories.

Meanwhile, I think I’ve rambled enough. I don’t have any pretty photos or anything to share with you today, sorry. I’ll try to do better next time.


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