End of June achievements

Greetings everyone. Warm welcomes to all my new readers as well, I’ve had a lot of you suddenly. Welcome to my little random home on the interwebs, where I talk excessively  about my chickens and the 2 million random things that are going on in my head at any one time.

June is leaving us with a flourish today – showers this morning, clearing up then out of the blue hailstorms this afternoon. It’s been completely unpredictable. As far as rain goes, we have now had over 170mm of rain for the month, which is considerably over our average for June – by, say, 70mm!! So yes, it has been a wet old winter so far, with more to come.

DH spent the sunny morning very productively, clearing out the rubble and building remains from our outdoor area, which is soon to have decking! Hooray hooray for that! First of course, we had to shift out and organise all the piles of tools and garden equipment that had been accumulating there. Here’s the finished shot – I was too ashamed for a before!

We also have plans for some plastic outdoor blinds to make this spot nice and weatherproof so we can use it year-round. Very excited about that!

After he had finished his slave labour, I put DH and DS1 to work putting together my latest Ikea acquisition. I’m sorry frugal world, but I have a house to finish and I needed this cupboard really badly. However, to make things a little happier, I got it on sale last week for $80 off! Down from $179 to $99 so I was super happy about that.

You may remember from a previous post about my photo wall in our hallway…..

The brown cupboard that was just filling in the space. It was too short, too dark, and too wide for a smooth entry. This had our telephone, notepads, and pens on it. Important stuff, but not very stylish.

See it, huddling and squat down the other end of the hall? It stands out like a sore thumb.

Now, for the replacement shots…. first from the same angle….

Ahh, isn’t that better?

Now, ready for your close-up dear 😉

Much better! I had fun decorating it, making it fun and functional and tying it into the pictures on the wall above. We took advantage of the moment to hang even more pictures  up (on 2 other walls) so this entrance is very nearly finished, except for some sort of pretty shade over that bare lightbulb. Like putting jewellery on when you are in your best dress.

So I’m am totally over the moon with this wonderful sense of achievement. This little spot has been on my wishlist since before we moved in, when we were busy planning the house, and it’s finally finished, and looks better than I could have dreamed.

Meanwhile, in the outside part of the house, I have to report our egg tally for June, 2012. Only 15 days of laying, they started on the 15th of June, and the 3 laying chickens out of 4 have laid a collective 39 eggs between them. Wow! What an amazing feat! We have now had omelettes, and fried eggs in bread, as well as cakes and desserts galore, and all I can say is, I had NO idea what it was like to cook with eggs that are this fresh. Our omelettes were neon yellow, and the fried eggs stood up instead of running like water all over the pan. It’s a complete revelation – if you haven’t tried it, I can’t recommend it highly enough. Make friends with chicken people, beg, borrow or steal some super fresh eggs, and you’ll never go back!

Meanwhile, my dear farmer DH has just put the girls to bed, and I need to finish cleaning up the kitchen from lunch so that I can make some dinner. Schnitzel, cauliflower gratin, and leftover chocolate pudding for dessert 😉Happy Crafting - Cassie.

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