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I thought today I’d post some of my current favourites from Etsy. I tend to favourite a lot more than I can afford to buy from there at any one time, but there is some seriously cool stuff to be found.

Calla Lilly earrings from JCGemsJewelry. A Sydney (Australia) based seller. I’m a total sucker for anything to do with Calla lilles…. and blue and silver are such a fresh combination. Love this!

Hand dyed Sock yarn with Bamboo as well as Superwash Merino from XrayAnne. Looks awesome! Love me my warm woolly knitted socks!

And who wouldn’t want a Giraffe riding a Penny Farthing bicycle? Love this print from RustyAppleStudio. The goggles and scarf totally crack me up!

And while we are big-game hunting, let’s get a laser cut Rhino Trophy from CardboardSafari! I have had this on my favourites forever, but the postage to Australia is twice as much as the price. Out of reach for now, unfortunately.

And while we are on our trip to Africa, don’t forget your camera – cufflinks!! from Etsy shop TheSpangledMaker. They have all sorts of weird and quirky art to wear.

Hope you enjoyed this rather mad little peek into what makes my heart and eyes go pop at the moment…. I’ve got so many favourites to go through, there will probably be a few more of these posts!

Happy Crafting - Cassie.

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