Promise of spring to come

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So while I was wandering around in the garden yesterday, enjoying some unexpected sunshine, I could just feel around me the promise of spring that is still to come. Today is bitterly cold again, although still mostly fine and there is blue sky amongst the drifting clouds.

Of course, no trip to the back yard is complete with out an inquisitive chicken, or 4. We put the last of the pea straw bale in their outdoor run, and they have been in chook heaven scraping it backwards and forwards, looking for tasty treasures. This will make a fine basis for the summer vegetable garden that I am already planning. With lots and lots of tomatoes, because we love them and could never grow enough.

I found this little beauty peeking above the mulch, from my random planting of bulbs in the retaining wall. I have NO idea what it is, either a Bluebell, or possibly a Muscari? The bulbs I threw in ranged from last seasons, through to about 5 years ago, which had been stored all this time in nets and stockings in the shed. It’s amazing that any of it survived at all!

The Broad Beans are continuing to throw out more beautiful crimson flowers. I’m excited to see when the first pods start developing.

Shooting from the hip (or the crouched knee in this case). Great chance to catch the chickens off guard. This is how they talk to me at the moment – very earnest and completely up in my face. Loving it!

So away from the computer and the garden, it’s been a painful week. Sunday onwards I have been battling headaches, neckaches, and all the associated fun and games. Yes, I probably overdid it in terms of pattern drafting and some special yet to be revealed computer work. I have 3 or 4 sewing projects simmering at the moment – fabrics, zips even all picked out, but it always seems that maybe tomorrow I’ll have a bit more energy to put into them. Or the next day. It’s enough each day to try to keep up with the laundry, the cooking and cleaning and caring for my little family as best as I can.

I had too much fun out at the shops today, apart from the supermarket and the Vegie shop, I went to a few Op-shops hunting for vintage fabric or linens for even more sewing projects that are floating around in my head. Of course, the 3rd one was always going to be the most successful, and it was the same one I had already been to this week. Just goes to show what fresh eyes will find you! It’s just a shame that, apart from starting to wash my finds, I’m just not up to doing anything else with them. Oh well, hopefully tomorrow.

I have to be up bright and early tomorrow as we are expecting carpenters at 7am to start work on our beautiful deck! The grand reveal will have to wait until next week, as it will take a few days to build and finish. But it’s the next stage in finishing off the back yard so that we can enjoy it come the warmer weather.

Thanks for dropping in today. It’s certainly appreciated. Tell me, what you are enjoying most about this season – or excited about planning for the next?

 Happy Crafting - Cassie.

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  1. Jenny

    I think your chickens are adorable! It’s definitely summer in Texas so the heat is causing most of my plants to struggle except the peppers which seem to be doing pretty good.

    In September I plan on planting strawberries and maybe blueberries or blackberries if I can find a dwarf version that will survive in my patio area.

    • Cassandra

      Oohh berries sound good. Stage 2 of our yard is a food garden of more permanent trees/bushes in the front yard. I will watch out for how you go choosing them!

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