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Just checking in to give you an update on Naomi, our poor bumbling bumblefooted chicken. 2 weeks post “surgery” at our hands and the foot had healed, but was swelling dramatically again. You could actually see the small kernel of tissue protruding through the swelling. DH and I decided against trying to deal with it ourselves again, and we elected to send her to the vet for some expert help.

The vet we used was Balhannah Small Animal clinic and they were awesome. The vet there took a lot of time and effort over our poor big girl (they were most impressed by the size of her drumsticks lol), he poulticed it for a couple of hours before even operating. She had a temperature, so she is now on antibiotics, the bandage can come off on Friday and we will see how we go from there.

Naomi's carefully bandaged foot.
Naomi’s carefully bandaged foot.

He did warn us that it was very hard to treat successfully because of the nature of Staph infections, so here’s hoping that we don’t have to take her again, but at least we know she’s extremely well cared for if we do.

Afternoon tea in the Chicken Yard - Porridge and Natural yoghurt, mixed into their pellets.
Afternoon tea in the Chicken Yard – Porridge and Natural yoghurt, mixed into their pellets.

It’s pretty obvious in this photo that she was feeling pretty good after the surgery (if you can’t spot the bandage, she’s on the far right!) – straight into afternoon tea, had a big drink and has even laid an egg since then. This chicken is tough!! So proud of my lovely healthy girls, they are such happy hens.

So, would I try to treat it myself again? Possibly not, now that I am confident in excellent care without too much trauma to her. However someone with a stronger stomach, or a bit more first aid experience at least would probably be able to give it a go.Happy Crafting - Cassie.

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  1. grannysmiff

    I have been wondering about your Naomi lately. A very good sign that’s she is eating and laying. Don’t be too quick to dismiss your ministrations to her either because you obviously did her no harm Fingers crossed the Bumblefoot will disappear completely.

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