August garden update

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Spring has most definitely sprung in our neck of the woods. Although winter was very wet, it also seems to be well and truly on the way out… with the start of spring on the 1st of September seeing temperatures in the mid 20’s already. Hoooray for shorts and sandals and FLOWERS!!

We got quite a bit achieved in the garden over the last month, there are just a few more jobs to do and then the back garden is finished!

First up we got our new hedge planted. I have been searching for the right plant for this fence for ages, and the Mexican Orange Blossom ticked all the boxes. Will grow big and bushy enough to hide the fence and provide some privacy, can be trimmed, but doesn’t require a lot of maintenance. Is green all year round, as well as beautiful flowers that smell lovely in spring/summer. Is hardy to frost and also drought tolerant once established. And will survive well in sun or shade, as this fence shades them in winter, but in summer they will get full sun.

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Here they are a few weeks after planting, and they are already putting on new shoots and FLOWER BUDS!! We planted them with a layer of gypsum at the bottom of the hole, and then mixed compost into the soil we refilled the hole with. A couple of drinks of my special Worm Tea as well and they are thriving.


After that, I finally got my new compost bins that I had been hanging out for. We had tried to make our own, but the loose side of a wooden pallet or a wire cage just let too much fall out, not to mention how hard it was to keep the moist in the summer. We bought two, one which we filled with mostly composted matter from our first homemade bin, the other is our “working” bin, which is only about half full. The best part was digging out the old compost and finding it seething with hundreds of earthworms. Obviously they are going to love their new bins!

Next, and most excitingly, I finally got a clothesline! It’s been nearly 2 years here, with only a 3 tier airer and a couple of rope lines in the carport. I won’t say it hasn’t presented some challenges, but we made it through. But now, to have all this wonderful washing space is just fabulous. All the washing is nearly up to date, and because it can flap and spin in the sun, it’s drying so much faster too. You just can’t beat line dried clothes!

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And finally we scored some lovely new plants for the deck, which is just so inviting in this warm spring air. These self-watering pots were half price at the hardware store, and we grabbed up three of them. I bought a fuschia for one, because my Dad had a thing for them for many years, they remind me of him, and for the other, a birds nest, because I love their lush green leaves. Look how big all the plants around the outside are getting!Edited-0792 Edited-0794 Edited-0795

Out the front, the irises have started flowering, and my little set and forget bluebell border is so vibrant! I never realised they have such a lovely scent, but I can actually smell them every time I walk past them! Just need to extend them all the way to the top of the driveway next season.

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So, that’s what is blooming in our garden at the moment. How is the change of seasons treating you?Happy Crafting - Cassie.

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  1. girlswearbluetoo

    Hi Cass, I love it when you get the ‘old’ compost out and find it seething with happy worms its such a rewarding feeling. We are starting to get very green here as the blossoms are finishing and the leaves are unfurling our garden is so soothing in its leafy green summer finery.

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