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Well, hey there. Sorry to vanish again, things have been pretty crazy around here. I had a full on flare up for 3 weeks, and DS1 is sick, and he has had tests and scans and is now waiting for a specialist. To respect his privacy, as he is 16, I won’t go into any detail, but any sickness is hard on the whole family. So I’ve been spending a lot of time resting, caring for my crew, and hanging out on Instagram. It’s easier to just snap, post and run. However there has been some sunshine around, and not just outside with the early start to spring!

We got a new (to us) bed, with the bonus that it came with a barely used mattress. It’s a reproduction vintage wrought iron bed, which is just lovely in our room. Our old timber frame and the mattress that came with the bed have gone to DS1, who is taller than both of his parents and had been battling with just a single bed. A queen size for this growing boy is a dream! His single mattress, which wasn’t very old, has replaced the very old and noisy one that we originally bought when DS2 was just born! So both the boys have been sleeping better for the whole shift around! Here’s a couple of peeks at the new bed. I accidentally bought a new quilt cover too when I was buying us new sheets, as now we have to share sheets between 2 queensize beds. It just looks so fun and fresh. Really loving it, especially with my spring quilt and monogram cushions!

Bed 1 Bed 2

Meanwhile, outside the back yard is taking its final shape. We ordered our (late) fruit trees, and they will be in on/by the weekend. The vegetable bed got some new plantings, including a few calendula transplanted from the main garden. I put a stack of seeds in as well, hoping that they come up soon! Final step was to mulch it all – we bought some bales of pea straw while we had rented a trailer for the bed moving, so that was a bonus!

Vegetable Patch

And the weekend was made sweeter by a trip to the Pet shop, who specialise in fish and had the most amazing marine aquarium set up. I dream of bringing one of these bad boys home, but in the meantime, we added 5 more goldfish to our outdoor pond.


As my flare seems to be settling down, I am hoping for some serious sewing and crafting time soon – with any luck I will get to use these marvellous treats I picked up at the op-shop. The motherlode of vintage tea-towels, never been used! Most of them seem to be high quality linen. I have lovingly washed and dried them, and the ideas are swirling for what to make – I think cushions are definitely on the radar.


And finally a bit of non-vintage shopping, but still thrifty. I just couldn’t resist this pop of amazing colour in the shop recently, on clearance for $15. And honestly, they look pretty good too! I’ve already worn them several times and found them to be more comfortable than I expected, and they go with heaps already in my wardrobe too. So, win-win!

green jeans

So, there’s my past few weeks in a nutshell. Lots of colour to make up for the lots of stress, and it’s a great anti-dote in my mind!Happy Crafting - Cassie.

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