March in review

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So, here we are already in April… I hope you had a lovely break over the long weekend and are rested and recharged. It was exactly what the dr ordered for us and everyone seems better for the time off!

March was a really hard month. We had a lot of problems at school with one particular teacher with DS1, we had to make some tough decisions and be a real advocate for our child. It’s really hard walking that line, between letting them chart their own course, and standing up for them when they are being put down by someone with power over them. But despite a lot of heartache and not a lot of sleep, this month is looking up. We are moving on, and up!



Apart from that, both boys have been kept running at school with assignments, tests, deadlines, and music performances. It’s great that I’m not working and able to manage things behind the scenes without too much drama of how am I going to manage to be in 3 places at once!

No new clothes pledge


No new clothing pledge for my first month – has been successful! I have even had an IRL friend, who quietly reads my blog, sign on. She revamped an old dress that was an absolute favourite by giving it a new dye job – and I’m so proud of her effort!

Another friend and I went op-shopping a couple of weeks ago – it was our local op-shops change of season basket sale…. in an effort to clear the summer stock, you can buy as much clothing as you can fit into a shopping basket for $2. We’re pretty good folders, so, we fitted more clothes into our baskets than I could fit into my photo!

Op shop 2 dollar basket


Included in this was a gorgeous raw silk shift dress, and my new go-to top, the zig-zag tribal print you can see in the centre. Has dolman 3/4 sleeves and looks equally great with a skirt or a pair of jeans. Wardrobe revamp for Autumn, check! Now I just have to convince someone to come and help me make some room in my wardrobe for all my new finds!

Also over the long weekend, I finished piecing together my wonky log cabin quilt…. today while everyone is back at work and school and the house is beautiful and quiet, it’s time to piece the backing and then I can start thinking about quilting this bad boy!

DH and I also spent some time on the long weekend working on some changes to my Etsy shop! I’ve got some fantastic Fine Art limited edition prints on order, I can’t wait to pick them up at the end of the week, and a few more new things coming into the shop, so I will be sure to share them with you when I get them listed!

Apart from that, things are cruising along ok. I’m on another new medication, this one a little different again. They all come with random and sometimes unexpected side-effects, and it’s been quite a challenge working out if the benefits have actually out-weighed the effects in each case. Here’s hoping we’re on a winner this time, because quite honestly, we’re out of pills, so it will be back down the list again to one of the earlier drugs if I can’t handle this one either. Currently I’m on a build-up dose, which means that I’m not getting full relief during the day, so it’s pretty painful around here after lunchtime. However, once the tablet kicks in around 10pm, I am usually pain-free and ready to party! That’s a positive sign!

I’ll leave you with our newest addition to the garden from a couple of weeks ago – a couple of garden arches against the shed wall to support a passionfruit vine.


I know it’s a bit dicey growing one with the occasional frosts here, but they are never particularly heavy and with the north facing metal shed wall behind it, I’m hoping I might get lucky! It’s just a baby vine at the moment, but it has recovered from the transplant and is already starting to put on new growth and throw out some tendrils around its trellis. As it grows we are starting to span the gaps under the arches with strands of wire to fill it in, so eventually the entire wall will be covered. Here’s to lots of passionfruit cordial, gelati and pavlova next summer!!Happy Crafting - Cassie.

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  1. Carol

    What a terrific photograph of your son and dog. Wow. Your son has the greatest smile. Good for you for sticking to your guns with regard to the teacher at school. I too can’t believe it’s April already. A quarter of the year has gone.

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