Present Day 2013

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So, as previously mentioned, every year instead of christmas, we celebrate our wedding anniversary with a big present extravaganza for the kids. We were discussing this year how nice it will be to keep doing this as the boys finish growing up, and add their own families to our tradition.

This year I did a heap of shopping on Etsy for some special handmade presents and I wanted to showcase a few of them for you, along with their marvellous creators. Hopefully this may help people out there, who, like me, have to buy for men and nearly men, and find it a little bit of a challenge.


Firstly, this year the Keeshond wanted to get in the action and kept walking through, and laying in, the present wrappings. She was so funny!


There were 2 presents that I bought for DH that I was most excited to give him.


Here is a beautifully turned and polished pen, made with a circuit board embedded it in. For the techno geek that he is, it was a perfect gift. It also takes standard Parker refills, so he will be able to keep and use it forever. It was absolutely gorgeous. The seller was DorianCreations on Etsy.

Secondly, I wanted to give him a special box to keep all his cufflinks and tie-clips in.


I was totally blown away by this Walnut box by SawdustExchange on Etsy. A new seller, with amazing wood skills. I was so proud to be his first sale, and couldn’t be more thrilled with what we got.

Another special creation was for DS2, who put a link to this shop on his wishlist. I contacted the seller littlecasaroo, co-incidentally named Cassie lol, and she promised to create something just perfect for him.


I think the smile says it all really. A true Mad Hatter hat indeed!

There is one particular present that we didn’t get from Etsy, but is vintage and truly special…. (matching t-shirt from eBay)


A Commodore 64! DS1 is in geek heaven!

Of course, this isn’t all the presents, but just a sampling of some highlights. The boys both got cufflinks, from Etsy, DS2 got a trumpet-etched dogtag on a chain, DH got some gorgeous silk ties, and I was totally spoilt with a silk batik scarf from Bali, a set of Crabtree & Evelyn Hand Scrub and Cream, a beautiful silver necklace, completed my set of Spoonful zine, and finally, I got my Eternity ring. Well, 17 years is worth celebrating I think.Happy Crafting - Cassie.

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