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You know how it is, you have 20 minutes to kill before your flight and you find yourself aimlessly browsing the shelves of the airport newsagency. All you find is more of the same – car magazines, gossip magazines, row after row of them. Then you see something different. Dreamy looking. You stop and go back. Pick it up. Before you know it you’ve flicked through half of the magazine and just can’t wait to pay for it so you can sit down and devour it properly.

That was my experience when I discovered this amazing European magazine, Daphne’s Diary, a delightful mix of everything sweet and whimsical.


Now, I’m actually a digital magazine convert. I love being able to read my magazines wherever I may be, without having the storage and transport issues of a large magazine collection. However, this is one magazine that is worth getting in paper.

It feels beautiful in my hands, with it’s delightful array of inserted pages of stickers, labels and even hot air balloons! It is practically impossible to find any ads, but instead page after page of beautiful styling, photography and art. It’s an entertaining mixture of articles (Carl Larsen and the history of Wedgewood), recipes, interviews, house tours and crafty projects.

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For the princely sum of $10, I would certainly have paid more for the sheer joy of reading this magazine. I am definitely going to be looking out for it locally – I hope you give it a read too!

Happy Crafting - Cassie.

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