Genius mini design board idea

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File this under, why didn’t I make one of these before? Seriously, it’s simple, adorable and oh so practical. The full tutorial is on Bee in my Bonnet, a fantastic quilty blog that you should be following! Why are these mini boards so practical? You can lay out your blocks, arrange them in order, and carry the whole block to your machine. You can even stack several boards on top of each other, so that you keep everything perfectly organised and can sew up a storm.

Pick up a piece of foam core board at any art supply store. They come in giant sizes, and are really cheap. I use mine mainly for photography – it’s a great white reflective surface for bouncing light around or plain backdrop for shooting photos. So you should buy a couple while you’re there. We had to cut into my big one for a school project, so I was left with a small odd shaped rectangle. I’m glad I didn’t throw it away!


I just used a scrap of leftover batting to cover my board. Make sure you have lots of glue gun sticks on hand, I went through a heap!


Depending on your glue gun, you will want to work on only a short section at a time. I have a low-melt gun, and it was cooling and setting very quickly, so I was literally gluing only a couple of inch sections. Even so, I knocked this off in an afternoon without any problems. Edited-2101 Edited-2102

Of course, what better binding fabric to use than this fabulous bright red scissor print?



It could definitely do with being a bit bigger. These are 2 1/2″ squares and I can fit three across comfortably. The beauty of these is that you can make them any size or shape that you want! As soon as I can pick up some more foam core, I will be building a whole stack of these mini beauties!Happy Crafting - Cassie.

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