Amazing Gift – Dog Portraits!

Yes, you read that right. Dog Portraits. Instead of a crazy cat lady, I have officially reached the status of crazy dog lady. But when you have two as cute as we do, you can’t really blame me!

However I digress. What I received in the mail this week was an amazing #quiltysistersinstabee parcel full of such care and love that it moved me to tears. Happy ones of course. All put together and marvellously orchestrated by Lynda, @5spotdesigns.


Firstly, she added in some sweet, delicious and thoughtful little extras…..


Of course, my heart belongs to Darcy!! Perfect gift after my Jane Austen swap!

Edited-2542 Edited-2544

Not one, but two fabulous Cordelia’s Garden quilt blocks. One scrappy, one dramatic! This quilt is going to look amazing!


Then she included this incredible mini quilt. I can’t imagine the effort she went to, looking at my photos and getting such perfect likenesses to our beautiful puppies. She even picked up on the tri-colour around Willow’s eyes, and included the splash of black on her tail. And the perfect amount of tan and white for beautiful Coco.

Let me show you the incredible detail and texture…..

Edited-2540 Edited-2539 Edited-2537

It’s almost impossible to give you an idea of the texture involved just with photographs…. the couched yarn is so amazing. But maybe this shot will give you more of an idea.


What an incredible gift of handmade treasures!


The ultimate compliment is that DH has asked if he can have his “girls” hanging in his office at home, instead of going into my studio. Lynda, he was so blown away!

Have you ever received a gift so personal, so thoughtful that you could barely find words to describe it? I would love to hear about them in the comments.

Happy Crafting - Cassie.

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2 Responses

  1. Melissa (minniecat)

    That is really too amazing for words. The details on your pets is incredible let alone the great technique used to create that. Someone once gave me a black and white picture in a nice frame of my cocker spaniel that they had taken. It instantly choked me up and made me get tears in my eyes it touched my heart so quickly. We certainly do love our pets. What a beautiful gift you have to treasure. ❤️

  2. Fiona

    Wow! It’s great to be able to enlarge the photos to study the detsil, unfortunately you cannot do this on Instagram. The detail in the puppies is just amazing!! Lynda is very talented!!! So you cried did you? I thought you said you never cry? Who’s the big sook now????

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