My precious QAL – Indelible

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Please excuse the sniffling, I hate cutting into preciously hoarded fabric. Plus, I have a rotten cold and you can be very glad you can’t catch it through the computer!

This stash I have been sitting on since October last year….

Edited-1999 Edited-2001

I also included it in my recent fabric stash audit….


When I finally decided that enough was enough, and this needed to become a quilt for me. Now. So I picked the pattern that made my heart sing, and was big enough to show off all these marvellous prints. Of course, from my favourite pattern book, Beyond Neutral. John Q. Adams speaks to my quilty aesthetic.


All I needed was a couple more yards of the Tula Pink Acacia Teal background, which duly ordered and arrived a few weeks later.


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And now finally, the cutting has commenced. Oh so much cutting. However, due to the fact that I am using more prints than John lists for the requirements, I am left with over a fat eighth of almost the entire bundle. So I get to make ANOTHER quilt with it all!!  


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So I hope that next week there will be more progress to share with you. I have so much to tell you but for now, I need to have another nap on the lounge with the nurses, ahem, puppies.


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 Happy Crafting - Cassie.

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  1. Fiona

    One of my favourite fabric lines!!! I can’t wait to see your progress photos. Woof woof bow wow to the puppies

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