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Or alternatively, why I shouldn’t be allowed to buy fabric for at least another week….

I previously explained why I was on an April fabric fast – an out of control stash, and the inability to stop buying fabric because it was pretty, and colourful, and oh, just made me happy. Emotional eater? No, I’m a stress shopper. A reality-hiding retail addict.

To be honest I didn’t realise the extent of my problem until I was planning to take some photos of my fabrics and write a link-up post for the second quarter of the 2015 WIP Finish-along. I have much that I would like to start, let alone finish. Sadly, I missed the deadline for the link-up, but I’m putting it out here for you anyway. Mostly because I forget what I had planned for each set of fabrics and then buy more patterns, and fabrics. Hopefully this will help me to keep track of it all!


Starting with the layer cakes, my smallest category. I have been planning on using the Bonnie & Camille Scrumptious for the Material Girl Quilts “Layer Cake Sampler Quilt Along,” which is a versatile pattern using one patterned layer cake and some plain fabric. I haven’t chosen what colour to use for the plain fabric, although of course, I’m leaning away from white.

As for the other two, Colour Me Happy and Daydream, I don’t currently have a definite plan. I think one of them might work for a Quick Curve Ruler pattern, Metro Twist.

Metro Twist

Moving on from one sweet treat to the next, my leaning tower of Jelly Rolls….


From Left to Right we have Lush Uptown 2, Pedal Pushers, Scrumptious, Paradiso, Sunnyside and Horizon. There are some fat quarters of Horizon there and in front are some skinny quarters of Honey Honey. I do seem to have a real addiction to Kate Spain.

Lush Uptown 2 has been earmarked to make a fabulous quilt from the Fancy Fox pattern. The other Jelly Rolls are undecided, although patterns I can see myself making include an upsized Delectable Mountains pattern to match my Mini Quilt, Lee Heinrich’s Cross Terrain Quilt, Blue Elephant Stitches Granny Square Quilt (both from the Moda Bake Shop) and the free Spring Fling pattern which again uses the Quick Curve Ruler and could be upsized from a mini to at least a lap sized quilt.  I think that might look quite striking in one of the fabrics that have a limited colour range, such as Horizon or Paradiso. I most likely will find the Scrumptious Jelly Roll surplus to my needs, and it may get destashed as I can’t see myself using it AND a layer cake.

Metro Rings

Metro Rings, again using the Quick Curve Ruler, is another Jelly Roll friendly pattern, which simply needs me to choose a roll, a background and accent colour and start cutting!


This little collection contains the wonderful collections of Bluebird Park and Autumn Woods from Kate and Birdie Paper Co. The fabrics on the right are a layer cake I bought on the Instagram destash. It had already been cut in half, and a little bit roughly handled. A few of the pieces had also been trimmed down from 10″ long to 9 1/2″. Added to this was a Bluebird Park fat quarter I bought on a whim over a year ago, as well as the three Autumn Woods skinny quarters I was very happy to find hiding among the shelves of a local fabric shop. I used them to match that amazing grey/brown background solid.


Meet “Fox River” from the fabulous book, Beyond Neutral by John Q. Adams, aka Quilt Dad. This pattern was just made for this bundle of fabrics!


Thanks to my hoop swap partner, I have added to my stunning Indelible bundle. There is plenty of fabric here and I’m still loving it paired with that gorgeous Aqua diamond Tula Pink background. It’s getting harder to find though, so I had better choose a pattern and make sure I have the fabric I need, quick!


I really think that this could look incredible made up in “Pacific Crest”, which is again from Beyond Neutral – but I need to get more of the background fabric if that’s the plan.


My very small collection of Anna Maria Horner is here. Most of it is leftover from my Mountains mini, however there were some generous donations of spares from some quilty friends. It’s all too beautiful to split up, so I think that it will need to be slightly augmented, and a suitable neutral picked.


I think a quilt pattern like this, with the hit of colour and the large amount of negative space, will do those beautiful Anna Maria Horner fabrics justice.

Edited-2789 Edited-2792 Edited-2794

Moving along with the fat quarter bundles is one of my other favourite designers, Joel Dewberry, and my Birch Farm bundle from Massdrop. I have a couple of extra pieces of this, again, from a quilty gift. I spent some time identifying the perfect match to these colours from the delicious Cotton Couture solids. I think that I could quite happily split this bundle into two colourways, as above.

Edited-2803 Edited-2801

Birch Farm would be fabulous with these beautiful patterns from Beyond Neutral, with plenty to spare!

Edited-2782 Edited-2783

But wait, there is yet more! A factory folded fat quarter bundle of Kate Spain’s Good Fortune. This is the first line I coveted when I had gotten hooked on quilting, but I hesitated too long and it was gone. I was so happy to pick it up on Instagram destash over a year ago. Of course, it’s been impossible to find the perfect project to do it justice.


This pattern, again from Beyond Neutral, is ideal for showing off a range of beautiful fabrics like these. It uses only 16 fat quarters, which would leave plenty of fabric to play with in another pattern.

Edited-2786 Edited-2787 Edited-2788

Here is a very large assortment of Aviary fabrics from Joel Dewberry, including fat quarters, skinny quarters and some yardage. Collected from different shops and destashes and gifted from some more quilty friends. There is such a range of print and colour here I’m at a loss as to how best to showcase it. However, in case you are worried that I am running out of patterns, I share the following from my wish list….

Urban Abacus Edited-2807 Edited-2808 Edited-2809

Above we have another Quick Curve Ruler pattern and 3 more from Vintage Quilt Revival. We overlook here the three new unused Sizzix dies that I have bought, a half hexagon, a tumbler die and a drunkards path die set.

This is, of course, ignoring my current quilts in progress.


Baby girl quilt made using Tula Pink’s Bumble fabric. The top is 75% complete and I have bought binding fabric (the pink houndstooth) and a coral coloured Minky for the backing. I think I am putting this off because it will be my first time using Minky, however as the baby in question is now several months old, I think I should get on with it!


Mrs. Tiggy Winkle goes to town. Still only about 70% quilted with the bulk of the hedgehogs themselves to be done, as well as the outer grey border. Binding fabric has been purchased and I am excited to see this one finished.


Finally, we have my Tula Pink Swoon quilt. 15 of the 16 blocks have had their fabric choices finalized, and I am ready to start cutting and piecing.

My first priority is to finish the baby quilt and the hedgehog quilt. I will then most likely work on the Bluebird Park quilt during and in between the blocks of the Tula Swoon.

I also need to continue a goal to quilt several of my older quilt tops. With backings and batting to hand, they have sat in a crate long enough.


This beautiful Plus Quilt is at the top of that pile. Follow this link to see an easier way of making a plus quilt, with a lot less seams and cutting!

Phew, that is a huge list! Not even including my scrap quilting plans, my hexagon quilt and my bee quilts in progress. I know I’ve forgotten some long stashed fabric too.

Are any of these quilts or fabrics on your WIP pile? Do you work on one project from start to finish, or swap around as the mood strikes you?

Happy Crafting - Cassie.

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  1. Norma

    Haha! Sounds like me with many WIP! I tend to jump around and prioritize by what is needed at the moment!

  2. agnes

    I have also been thinking that I should not buy any more patterns and make with what I have. I have been trying very hard this year to keep my WIPs list short in order to have finishes before moving on. I do love that metro rings pattern…but I’m going to resist, well mostly because I’m scared of using that ruler. I love those Kate and Birdie prints too! I have a limited 3 color set in queue for gift to be made very soon.

    • Cassandra

      Agnes, I’m scared of trying my ruler out too. But the patterns are all so well written and with lots of trimming room to help fix up any oopsies. I’ll definitely report back how I go with it once I get the queue moving a bit!

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