Karlee Porter workshop and quilting extravaganza!!

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In my mind, the hottest thing in machine quilting at the moment is Karlee Porter. Her Graffiti Quilting style is distinctive and just frankly awesome. If you aren’t familiar with her work, I would highly recommend hopping over to her site, www.karleeporter.com, following her on Instagram, or checking out her Youtube videos.

My sweet friend, Jessica flew down from Brisbane to spend the week with me – we had our own mini girl retreat including lots of shopping (post coming soon!) and attending Karlee’s class at Adelaide Sewing Centre.

We stayed three nights at the Brighton Caravan Park in an extremely comfortable cabin overlooking the beach.


Brighton Caravan Park Cabin


Don’t all quilters travel handmade?

Of course, we had to go for a little wander along the beach, the sunset on the first night was spectacular…



Brighton Beach and Jetty, South Australia Brighton Beach and Jetty, South Australia Brighton Beach and Jetty, South Australia



Even on the following days when the weather wasn’t quite so fine the view was pretty impressive.




But on to the quilting. Karlee’s class was an intensive two days of sketching, quilting and demonstrating. We were all using our own machines which meant that it was much easier to learn – things went straight into the brain and out through the fingers.




Watching Karlee stitch out one of her mini quilts on the Handi Quilter Sweet Sixteen was pretty amazing. She’s fast!


Karlee Porter autographed Graffiti Quilting book Karlee Porter autographed Graffiti Quilting book Karlee Porter Custom Printed Fabric Panel


Karlee is also so sweet – she autographed my book and along with the classes sold custom printed fabric panels with her designs on them for us to use in our own artwork.


Karlee Porter Handiquilter mini Karlee Porter Handiquilter mini


As part of my Handi Quilter Prostitcher software I have a few of her digital designs for stitching out – I used them to make a mini each for Jess and myself. Karlee was kind enough to graffiti and autograph my mini which will take pride of place in the new studio.


Cassandra Madge Graffiti Quilting sample Cassandra Madge Graffiti Quilting sample


Day one saw us create one practice quilt – trying to put all the different pieces of graffiti quilting art together and get them into our fingers. Black thread on lilac fabric made an interesting statement.


Karlee Porter Cassandra Madge Graffiti Quilting sample


Here is my day two mini quilt, posing with the adorable Karlee. Of course I  managed to co-ordinate my thread colour with my dress.


Cassandra Madge Graffiti Quilting sample Cassandra Madge Graffiti Quilting sample


Some quilting close-ups. Although variegated thread often doesn’t work well with this sort of quilting, as the colours can become muddy or dark lines may not show up clearly, a lot of the class were fascinated by the colour effect in the densely thread-painted areas, such as those around the arrows. I need to finish this off with some loose background fill and then bind it. I can’t wait to hang it up in the new studio, as I am so very proud of all that I achieved and learned over the two days. All of this was stitched on my Janome Horizon 7700. I’m so keen to try translating these skills to a full sized quilting frame!


Have you tried this form of graffiti free motion quilting? What style of quilts, other than whole-cloth, would you like to see it on?


 Happy Crafting - Cassie.

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8 Responses

  1. Jess @ Scrappy n Happy

    It was a fab week which feels a bit like a dream now! Are you going to finish your second mini? You should!

    • Cassandra

      I know what you mean about the dream. I’m kicking butt on my to-do list to give me some more play-time to finish that mini off for sure!

  2. agnes

    Wow – those look amazing! And the variegated thread really makes it pop. I love test driving the Handiquilter when I go to my lqs. It’s a lot of fun swirling it all around.

  3. Leanne

    what a fabulous class to take and seems you learnt a heap – love your quilting !

    • Cassandra

      Thankyou! It was so much more useful learning in person than just through a book. It was my first ever “in-person” quilting workshop and I had a great time!

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