New BOM – All Over the Octagon

I am sure that you will not be surprised to hear that I succumbed to the lure of the latest Block of the Month club put together by the talented Sue Daley. You will know her as the English Paper Piecing Queen – who also designs fabric for Riley Blake and has now put together this amazing block of the month.


All over the octagon- Cassandra Madge


So what do you get from the amazing creative brain of Sue with this Block of the Month? Fussy cutting fabrics – all the heart eyes there! Plus each month you get a different set of papers and a template to match. There is a booklet shown above which gives you some basic ideas for how these octagons are put together, and how you can join them for a finished quilt. However, unlike a traditional block of the month, the actual fabric cut and placement is entirely up to you.


All over the octagon- Cassandra Madge


The quilt is available with or without papers, you can also buy it in one fell swoop or month by month. These are the fabrics (fat 16th’s) included in months one and two, as you can see, there is enough variety in them to keep you entertained, however there is a cohesiveness among the colours also.


All over the octagon- Cassandra Madge


I am buying my months one by one, however I couldn’t wait and got month two a week after I picked up month one. I am using my local store Hettie’s Patch, so I save on postage and honestly, who minds an extra trip to your favourite modern fabric shop each month?


All over the octagon- Cassandra Madge


You can also order the papers and templates only direct from Sue at Patchwork with Busy Fingers, or the entire collection, papers only, or month by month from Alison at the Cotton Factory in Ballarat. Otherwise, check with your local store to see if they can get it in for you.


All over the octagon- Cassandra Madge


Month one and the first shape is the Octagon Kite. It will be fun to see what star and flower type effects that I can achieve with this shape.


All over the octagon- Cassandra Madge


Month 2 is the 2″ bow tie block, also used as a 1/4 of the finished octagon shape. The beauty of these two shapes is that they can be combined to make an octagon using 2 of each, or 1 bow tie and 6 kites. I have seen several quilters already doing this, making good use of feature fabrics for the bow tie and other repeating effects.

My only challenge is resisting the temptation to pop down the freeway and pick up another month of fabrics! It’s like the best kind of lucky dip for quilters.


Are you an English Paper Piecing novice or addict? I am going to share with you some of my tips, tricks and how-to’s, so please if you have any burning questions then shout them out in the comments and I will do my best to answer them!


 Happy Crafting - Cassie.

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  1. Willie Shuck

    Thanks. I like all your posts even if I’m not going to make that quilt.

  2. JoNell Smith

    I do not English Paper Piece. I just hand piece. Is it possible to get the templates without the papers?

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