Sweet parcel for a sweet friend – Raquel

I have been very remiss in sharing with you the beautiful parcels that I have been sending (and receiving) to finish off the #quiltysistersinstabee, also known as the longest bee in history! But I am nearly through all my lovely sisters, and I made something very special for Raquel, who gives so much to everyone and organised this whole bee in the beginning.


There was somewhat of a nervous wait, as this was sent off on the 3rd of this month and only just arrived at it’s destination on the weekend, however I did give the poor little birdie some sustenance for his big trip. Let’s see what was in there!


Trellis Crossroads Block  - Cassandra Madge


Of course, everyone’s favourite block from the Modern Bee book, the Trellis Crossroads. If you are stumped with this one, I have a tutorial which might help you out.


Quilty Sisters Instabee Parcel - Cassandra Madge Quilty Sisters Instabee Parcel - Cassandra Madge


Raquel got a beautiful handcrafted book, made by yours truly. Also hitching a ride with the dragonflies was a little bluebird. Her favourite type of bird in fact, made a bit more special because it has a twin that now lives overseeing my sewing studio all the way in Australia. I love that sort of connection, knowing that I will smile and think of my sister every time I see him perched up on a shelf.


Goody Goody Binding Kit - Cassandra Madge


The major item included though was this Goody Goody Binding Kit which I made using a few things that I hoped would have a strong meaning for Raquel. The main tutorial for this kit is by Vanessa of Lella Boutique, you can find it HERE.


Goody Goody Binding Kit - Cassandra Madge Goody Goody Binding Kit - Cassandra Madge


I pieced the patchwork outer using the same method as my Hazel tablerunner, using leftover strips and the flying geese on a roll papers made it come together in an hour or so. I know that Raquel loved the Hazel line. When I was first cutting into it, she mentioned how she was hoarding hers for the perfect project, so what better way to share it with her?


Goody Goody Binding Kit - Cassandra Madge


The interior follows the same basic layout as the original tutorial, however I did add a few little personal touches to make it special. The crazy green fabric on the zipper pouch hides some sweet birdies singing in the garden.


Goody Goody Binding Kit - Cassandra Madge Goody Goody Binding Kit - Cassandra Madge


Down the other end is hidden a little “Handmade” tag which was part of a set that Raquel originally gifted to me! It fitted too perfectly on this Lecien fabric. I had to include my signature bee buzzing over the Strawberry and flowers. I couldn’t believe the perfect scrap of green fabric I found for the strawberry leaves!


Goody Goody Binding Kit - Cassandra Madge


Of course, as Raquel loves birds the most, I found this beautiful Hummingbird bead which snuck onto the needle keeping felt, ready to keep an eye on things.


Goody Goody Binding Kit - Cassandra Madge


But you don’t think I sent this off empty did you? It was stuffed full of Chocolate, Australian tea and other little treasures.


Goody Goody Binding Kit - Cassandra Madge


Including the most adorable bookmark – designed to sit on the outside of your book so it hangs over the spine to brighten up your bookcase. Plus some stickers and some postcards with vintage photographs of our area.


All in all, I think that little blue birdie did a great job getting this parcel over to Raquel, and making her feel special and loved. Which is the most fun – the bible has the truth of it. There IS more happiness in giving than receiving.


I’d love you to share with us in the comments the most thoughtful gift you have received. It might help inspire someone else!



 Happy Crafting - Cassie.

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2 Responses

  1. Agnes

    Such a thoughtful and special package for a wonderful friend! I love all the details you’ve added to the goody goody kit to give that extra special touch.

  2. Raquel

    It truly does make me feel so special. So many little thoughtful details. Thank you so much sweet friend, it will be treasured. <3

    (And yes, it is the longest running be in history! LOL)

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