All Over the Octagon – adventures in EPP part 2

Here is a long overdue instalment in my other English Paper Piecing project… which is chock FULL  of FUSSY CUTTING!! If you missed out, my fussy cutting tutorial for EPP can be found HERE and the tips and tricks that I used for placing the templates are exactly the same as I used for these blocks.


All over the Octagon EPP - Cassandra Madge All over the Octagon EPP - Cassandra Madge All over the Octagon EPP - Cassandra Madge


I love seeing the different Riley Blake Designs and Penny Rose fabrics that I get with each instalment, and the paper piecing templates/papers to get the imagination going. Each one usually features a black and white print and I’m beginning to think that I might use them for the square joining blocks in between each octagon…. they will add a bit of drama and gives lots of different cutting possibilities. Each time I make a new batch of blocks, I go through the Sue Daley pattern booklet and then choose which I will make, pulling fabric as needed to match the block requirements.


All over the Octagon EPP - Cassandra Madge


The shapes that I used for these blocks were focused on tiny half square triangles, a 2″ square and the extended hexagons that frame 3 of the blocks.


All over the Octagon EPP - Cassandra Madge


This beauty was the simplest to make, I just loved the idea of using the floral circle motif to be a feature point in this block. It was so quick to stitch up, I think a few more of these might be a good way to show off some more of the lovely fabric I’ve been collecting!


All over the Octagon EPP - Cassandra Madge


I was at a bit of a loss with this chain fabric, however I think that it worked out ok. I could have used it the opposite way, so the yellow was centred and the purple more exactly framed the block inside, but I am happy with how it turned out. The inside triangles were a pest to get lined up, they are a little wonky but nothing that won’t be hidden once it’s pressed properly and in a quilt.


All over the Octagon EPP - Cassandra Madge


This was probably one of the most ambitious fussy cutting jobs, trying to match up the flowers on the two corners of the frame. If you *squint* they sort of do…. I won’t be trying it again but from a reasonable viewing distance it’s very effective. Again, those tiny triangles were a pain in the pincushion, but they came out ok.


All over the Octagon EPP - Cassandra Madge


Of course, because I was not finished punishing myself, I had to make a complete block out of those tiny triangles, and every single one of the 32 of them is fussy cut. The stitching looks a little rough but will sink in nicely once all the papers are removed. To add the floral feature to the centre, I first cut out an oversized circle for the inside, then used a glue stick to adhere it to the back of the piecing. Using navy thread I carefully stitched into the fabric and the folded seams of the central pieces, tucking the triangle ends inside the seams as I went. It is very effective and immensely tedious. I can guarantee I won’t be making this block again!


You can order the papers and templates only direct from Sue at Patchwork with Busy Fingers, or the entire collection, papers only, or month by month from Alison at the Cotton Factory in Ballarat. Otherwise, check with your local store to see if they can get it in for you.
I am buying my months one or two at a time from my local store Hettie’s Patch, so I save on postage and honestly, who minds an extra trip to your favourite modern fabric shop each month?
If you see a fabric that you would like to obtain, try your nearest Riley Blake shop overseas, or Millhouse Collections in Australia to find a stockist.



 Happy Crafting - Cassie.

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