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I’ve been so excited to share this banner with you all. It was a collaborative effort between founding members of the SA Modern Quilters group, pieced together by Lara Motta (one of the geniuses behind Make Modern magazine) and quilted by yours truly, Juicy Quilting.



Members volunteered to each make a paper pieced letter, that was then supplied to Lara. When joining the letters together, Lara took inspiration from the logo I created, including our dotted stitching line and equilateral triangles in state colours. I love all the neutral improv that she included, and wanted the quilting to both reflect and then enhance the piecing. I challenged myself to stitch the entire thing only using rulers, no computerised designs. Some small markings were made to help keep things at the 60 degree angles dictated by the triangles, and then added to by the hexagons in the top right corner. I wish you could feel this incredible quilted texture.



I used double batting to give the banner both loft and a stable weight to ensure it will lay flat and straight when we use it at any promotional events.



The backing is a single panel of printed hexagons, Lara pre-attached the quilt label for me so it was ready to go. The texture is still visible, despite the busy nature of the print.



The hexagons on the back definitely added in to my creative process with the 60 degree diamonds, triangles and hexagons in the stitching. It was a labour intensive quilt for it’s size (24″ x 41 1/4″), but worth every second for the finished result.


Straight lines are very modern and on trend in quilting, but I definitely think they have room for an upgrade – like this. What do you think? Would you want quilting similar on one of your projects?






SaveHappy Crafting - Cassie.

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4 Responses

  1. Deborah Lynagh

    What a thrill to see this complete! You have both turned a bunch of pieced letters into a work of art. You have made my little “D” part of something I love. Thank you! Oh, yes, I’d love to see a future piece of mine quilted in a similar way – too cool.

    • Cassandra

      The more I think about it, the more I really need to find a quilt top to give this treatment to…. it’s very time intensive but I’m sure it will be worth the effort. Thanks so much for your contribution to our awesome banner! 🙂

  2. Robby H.

    That is a fantastic piece of practical art, all the more so having had so many involved in it. What a great advertisement for the works that must come out of your guild.

    • Cassandra

      Thank you so much! It’s really fun when everyone comments on how proud they are to see their work in it. I hope that it will be still used and admired for many years to come 🙂

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