Rope and knots, oh my!

I think the ONLY thing I’m really glad to see coming back from the 70s is macrame. I mean, who misses shag pile carpets and avocado kitchen appliances?

I learnt this hobby in primary school, and it always made me sad that it was left behind in the interior decorating trends. Now it’s on point, and modernized with fabulous coloured rope options and so many ideas for how to use it. I was excited to give it another go after buying a kit from a vendor back when we had real in person craft shows (oh, that’s so 2019!!)

Fast forward a few months, I bought a reel of rope and a pdf pattern book off Etsy and I had some fun!!

This first hanger was inspired by the pot – we know I love all things teal, aqua and blue. I couldn’t resist the matching wooden beads I scored off eBay. Now it’s the perfect home to my String of Dolphins succulent

The second hanger is a lot smaller, I made it for this beautiful blown glass ball shape I bought from a local cheap shop – I had to put a fake Airplant in it because I think I’m the only person on the planet that just CAN’T keep them alive!!

This final hanger I made to put in the house, but never got the boss to put up a hook, so now it’s acting as a bird feeder outside. We have several local Rosella’s that feed off it, I hear their calls and peek through the window at them but they are very shy and take off if they spot me. But we’ve got it hanging off the patio we enclosed, so hopefully one day we can sit drinking our coffee and enjoy our feathered visitors. The tray is a deep plastic plant saucer – weather proof, easy to clean, and sturdy enough for our friends to perch on the outer edge comfortably. Currently we have a water dish on a nearby retaining wall, but I’ll be adding a birdbath into the garden bed when I find one I like.

This feeder is hanging from a Silver Birch that’s about 75% dead, but at least all those bare branches make it ideal for hanging things from it! The shade is provided by a huge Liquid Amber in the same bed, it keeps the patio lovely and cool in the summer but lets the sunshine in come wintertime when the branches are all bare.

Have you tried Macrame? Do you have dozens of indoor plants hanging everywhere in your house or under your patio?
Happy Crafting - Cassie.

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