Music is my life-line

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I can’t think of a time in my life when I haven’t listened to music. It helped me sleep when I was little… it helped me survive High-school. It helps my concentration, my creativity, and even provides inspiration. Case in … Continued

Racing off to work…

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That seems to be all that I’ve done. I know that it isn’t so… we’ve had a great time these last 2 weeks and done lots of fun things… but work keeps on getting in the way. I still have … Continued

Posting some layouts :)

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Most of these are older ones…. much MUCH older ones in fact, including pre-FIRST move…. but getting them uploaded has been a challenge. I’m nearly back in the swing with scrapping and so on, and really hoping to start taking … Continued

Eyecandy, just briefly.

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It’s Saturday night, I just worked my 3rd Saturday in a row and I’m tired. *skip* and I are going to vegetate on the lounge and watch some TV and forget about everything for a while… but I couldn’t go … Continued

Stand up and SCRAP

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Here is my grand unveiling…. only Amy and *skip* knew that I was in this contest…. I didn’t win, huge applause to Amy for placing in the top 10 one week though. I didn’t make it through to Week 6, … Continued

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