Day two

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Of three days off. Today is going to be busy day though, so I thought I’d just post this and run. I love the immediacy of digital – photography and scrapbooking. I got this photo on Sunday night, when we … Continued


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I love to read. I read all the time. I have to read at breakfast, to take my mind off of the food at that hour in the morning. It’s taken me nearly 10 years to infect *skip* but he … Continued

I love photoshop!

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I really do. I usually can work anything out that I need to, and I just constantly find awesome new tricks and shortcuts. I have been lamenting my lack of photo organisation lately. I back photos up every month or … Continued

Looking for the sunshine.

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So it may still be Summer here, but we are in our 3rd straight day of overcast, cold, trying to rain weather. We get enough of this all winter, I’d like to go back to warm and sunny if I … Continued


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I’m still not back with a real update I don’t think. I’m not sure what to update on anyway, no-one really needs my ramblings waffling in their ears. Have a layout to look at instead. This was funny. The last … Continued

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