All about Rob

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It really is, sad to say, but true. The rest of the band was fantastic, but I was there just to see Rob. What am I rambling on about? Why only the Matchbox 20 concert that *skip* surprised me with … Continued

Gettive active

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I know that I’m not the only one that for various reasons, has decided to get more active. This of course, means less time on the computer which isn’t always a bad thing *wink* but the results are definitely worth … Continued

Bated breath…

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I know that you know I’ve been a busy girl, and this weekend something very fabulous happened, and I’ll share it with you all just as soon as I get the right layout created 😉 That should leave you in … Continued

Yeah, me again!

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No, don’t faint just because I’m blogging twice in a week…. honest! I’m just catching up on posting some layouts that I’ve created lately before I crawl off to bed. All that work last week left me exhausted and with … Continued

So excited!

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It’s been a HUGE week work-wise, I’m totally exhausted. Today was my only day off for a week – and it’s Sunday – the shop is shut! I just wanted to post this new layout, and my fabulous news about … Continued

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