If it’s not one thing…

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Ok, so the long hours and tired Cassie continue on without letup. However, we have to add dial-up speeds to the mix now too, as the ever-loving *skip* accidentally went over our bandwidth for the month. 5 days to go … Continued

I’m back, Baby!!

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This time of year is always crazy with work, and juggling the school holidays around that. So far for the holidays we have been to the Musuem to see an exhibition on baby Dinosaurs and Dinosaur eggs. It was very … Continued

Like Whoa!!

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Hehehe gratuitous Nemo quote there…. did you like it? Life has been Like Whoa… and then we were like whoa, and then…… I got sick Monday night with a disgusting sore throat coughing thing. Worked Tuesday, begged Wednesday off because … Continued

Like the new home?

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Sadly, I have to say goodbye to The Scrap Space. But I got to love wordpress, so I moved in here to my new home. I know that I am a slack blogger, but sometimes I have something to say, … Continued

Back to school!

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Wow, that went fast. The boys have just finished their first week back at school. Well, we’ve got an awful lot going on right now, so everything just flies past. I can’t keep up. To sum up…. we are moving … Continued

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