An old new layout

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Yes, Cassie the procrastinator strikes again. This layout is gorgeous, and has been hiding from the world on my hard drive for too long. It now bursts forth to an overjoyed chorus of welcome (or some crickets chirping. Whatever floats … Continued

Overdue scrapping

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Well, as covered in the previous post, we realise that my organisational skills leave something to be desired. A la, not backing up photos onto disc for 2 years. Shame on me. Well, the shame continues with this layout, lovingly … Continued

Don’t look now!

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But I scrapped something today! A couple of somethings actually, but this was the first one posted. Using Creashen’s awesomely yummy Reasons kit 🙂 Reasonably happy with that. I haven’t scrapped at all this year so far *hangs head in … Continued

Turning to face the Sun

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At least I would if I could remember what it looks like! Adelaide is still having, on the whole, grey, miserable days. Wet, dull and dreary. So we’ll turn to face the sun metaphorically speaking, pull our socks up and … Continued

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