Aww, thanks :)

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Thanks everyone for your nice words of congratulation and encouragement. And yes, it’s that easy and more of you lovely people should give it a try!! I discovered this little treasure trying to get my scrapping back into gear. I … Continued

Some inspiration…

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While I was blurfing yesterday, I came across these 2 articles and wanted to share them. I love photography. I love everything about it, from the shooting, to post-processing, to hanging on the wall the final product. Unlike my father, … Continued


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Oh my goodness it’s freezing today. Winter is well and truly upon us. South Australia, well, my part of it anyway, has had lots of rain moving through for the last few days. Our nearest weather reading station, about 6km … Continued

On the mend…

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Ok, so I probably have over-done it today, the first day that I haven’t felt like death warmed up and served on a plate. But hey, I have about 3 weeks of life to catch up on. I’m back to … Continued

A blog with my name on it!

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And nothing posted for a month! This poor neglected thing! I have been busy though. I’ve re-discovered flickr and the wonderful variety and community that exists on there. I have gotten into vintage film cameras, which is a lot of … Continued

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