Crab-apple flowers!

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I am so excited… nearly 2 years ago we planted a flowering crab-apple in the backyard, and last spring it grew and got leaves and stuff, but never flowered. We decided to just wait it out and it was worth it. Today was a lovely sunny day, and while doing some work outside, I discovered that patience, especially with plants, does get rewarded! It’s got a few flowers and is smothered with buds, so there will be plenty more!

The buds are all the deep rose pink that you can see here, followed with pale pink flowers. Just gorgeous, although the buds do tend to get lost in the reddish leaves which is why I missed them before.

This has been a lovely part of my otherwise busy day. This morning was spent helping the friends with new baby twins, 2 weeks old today! Doing a couple of loads of washing, some ironing, nappy changes and feeds. Meanwhile *skip* was at home with a nasty headache, and Sam was at home with a hacking cough – I think he had too much night air last night before dinner. But he’s a lot better now, so hopefully he’ll be at school tomorrow.

The yellow Iris that I wrote about yesterday is still tantalisingly shut, I’m tempted to go out and check it every hour or so, I’m so excited to see it open. When I was pulling out of the driveway yesterday I counted a good 10 or so flower stems on the six yellow Irises, so I think I will have my fill of the flowers soon!

Nothing much else to report. I have a cut on my finger that is driving me insane – it’s very deep and in nearly a week it still tends to bleed if knocked. I’ve gone through nearly a dozen bandaids, every time I wash my hands or do any cleaning, the old one soaks off and I need to put a fresh one on… grr. What an exciting life I lead!

I’ll try to find something more interesting tomorrow, meanwhile, here’s a digital scrapbooking site that I love – some of my visitors have been coming from there, and I just wanted to let them all know how much I appreciate their time, and their inspiration!


They have an awesome shop, great friendly forum and a gallery overflowing with ideas. Check out my gallery if you get time, HillsCass there are plenty of layouts there for your enjoyment!

Until tomorrow folks!!Happy Crafting - Cassie.

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  1. Di

    Haha Cassie baby I found your blog! Loving all the great photos and digiscrap talk. It took me a minute tho to be able to remember how it is that you get to have spring in September roflol. Silly northern hemisphere. Hehe.

  2. ksharonk

    Hi Cassie! Thanks for visiting my blog … I shoot with a Canon 300D, with the kit lens. Loooooove shooting flowers, so I am looking forward to seeing your shots soon, as your flowers open! Have a great day!

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