Irises are my weakness….

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So this morning it has FINALLY opened!! These yellow flowers are huge, almost twice as big as the purple ones, so I am getting a lot less per stem. A lovely pale lemon colour, with cinnamon type markings. Gorgeous. Although this one is a bit battered, it’s not a very nice day today. It was actually trying to rain while I was out there shooting. But here it is!!

Another oddity in my garden is this flower. It’s called an Evansia Iris, and is shaped sort of like a traditional iris, in the three separate sections, but it’s quite small and dainty. Each flower is about 1 to 1 1/2 inches across, and this lovely pale bluey purple colour with startling yellow highlights. The plant itself is quite aggressive, it’s sent out tuberous runners very quickly, but it seems to take a while for them to flower as there are no stems coming off them yet, it is still just the parent plant.

Spring is wonderful, isn’t it! And here’s a random Digital Scrapbooking layout, just to entertain you. The picture is of my eldest son, Tyson, taken at the local wetlands last school holidays. I did this as part of an ad challenge this week at ScrapArtist, previously mentioned. Well worth a visit.

Ribbons and flower element from Turtlemama’s That 60’s Kit – very funky, yeah baby! Fonts used are Texas Hero, CBX Watson and AL Postmaster.

Have a great day everyone! – and don’t forget to say Hi so I know you dropped in!Happy Crafting - Cassie.

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  1. ksharonk

    Hey Cass, how’s this for irony? I just posted the same photo you did at my pbase gallery, the white Evansia Iris. Our family went to a flower festival over this last weekend, and my daughter took a picture of one … … don’t know if the link will work through here, but I’m pretty sure it is the same flower. Love your yellow iris too … it was worth waiting for!

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