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For most of you, this won’t seem like much, but to me it’s such huge progress!! Tyson has always had trouble with swimming. He went to 20 lessons when he was 4/5 and he really made great progress…. however that just seemed to vanish overnight and he, although acting “enthusiastic” about going in a pool, once he actually gets there, is very timid.

Next year his school swimming lessons will not be conducted in the little school pool, but in a local pool where they do all sorts of interesting things like jumping in fully clothed etc. Which is going to be a nightmare for a kid that still can’t swim, and refuses to put his face in.

Swimming is very important. You miss out on so much in the Australian culture if you are unable to swim. And this will really hold him back, so I told him THIS was the year!! His lessons started today, so yesterday we raced off to the shops and got him some REAL good goggles…. He promised that he was going to have a really good try.

Fast forward to today, where to my great dismay, he didn’t try hardly at all…. he got the tip of his chin and nose wet, and that was it. He was the only kid in a group of 10 that managed to get out with half his hair still dry.

I hate to admit it but I snapped. I know he can do this, he just lacks the courage and conviction to TRY…..

So, we started off small, with the bathroom sink, and that was too easy. Next came the kitchen sink….

In case you can’t tell, in the first picture he is REALLY blowing bubbles underwater… not just putting his face near the water and huffing.

And the look of glee on that wet face tells the story – in his own words it was ‘FUN’….

By the time we had finished, he had his head in as far as the bottom of the sink, and he could hold his breath for 14 seconds…

My how we CHEERED!!!

FINALLY the penny has dropped and he realises that he can have FUN with swimming.

Of course, tomorrows lesson will tell the tale, but I hope that we have crossed this bridge, and the future is a little brighter….

And of course, I can’t wait to scrap these pictures. I can’t believe it, but the 350D makes even my messy kitchen look fab…. Who would have thought??

Ok, dinner beckons!!

Later all…Happy Crafting - Cassie.

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  1. ksharonk

    Yayyyy! Cheering wildly from my part of the country … and wait till he realizes he can actually get himself around in the water too! He is going to be a little fish, I just know it! Congrats to you both!!! 🙂

  2. Stray

    Having been through the same issues with my kids I have to say kudos to you. Great idea to use the sink – and delightful photos to document the process. 🙂

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