Quilting studio renovation – Week 2

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Progress continues on the studio, it was slowed down a little by some pretty extreme weather and the fact that we are dealing with 30 year old foundations that aren’t quite level. But John, our fabulous builder is patient and a bit of a perfectionist and the resulting joists and floor will last for a very VERY long time.


Quilting studio renovation


The floor support has been finished and concreted in, the doorway between the two rooms has been framed out and the old door that was removed in the sewing studio has been raised to the new floor height and reinstalled. The floor in there is completely finished, and the floor in the longarm room will be done very shortly.


Quilting studio renovation Quilting studio renovation


My clever DH has put in conduit and plates for data cabling, so I will have internet, tv and TUNES out here! Hoping that the electrician is able to come and wire up all the lights and power this week.


Quilting studio renovation Quilting studio renovation


Outside, DH had a hard job this weekend excavating the small garden bed along the foundation – the soil level was too high and would cause future problems with the floor, so we will replace it with drainage and hopefully some nice pots. All the plants that we pulled out here have found a new home elsewhere in the garden, filling up some empty spots. The window on the left is the one that I am hoping will soon be gone, replaced by my sliding door!

Lots of excitement happening here as you can see. Which will be joined by more fun as this week I am off to the city to spend a couple of days learning from Karlee Porter, the graffiti quilting queen! Make sure you check out my Instagram feed for some shots from the classroom!


 Happy Crafting - Cassie.

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  1. Fiona

    So exciting & I believe you have a VIP guest coming to stay as well? Have fun kids!!! 😘😘

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