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There is a flu epidemic sweeping Australia, and it appears that yours truly, has well and truly caught it. Fever, aches, shakes, cough until your stomach hurts. Sam has it too, but it’s been a milder dose for him. So far *skip* and Tyson have dodged it, but who knows… I’ve had to miss days at work, I take painkillers and sleep all the time, and I’ve just had it. So if I’m not around, then you’ll know why. I have attempted a bit of scrapping, on and off, but posting layouts to the gallery is a whole different story. I haven’t even left the house for the last 3 days.

I have a little bit of good news. There was a bit of a kerfuffle over the local post office, with a big vote on what services were available… we don’t actually have mail delivery where we live, even though it’s quite a decent sized town. We all go in to the Post Office to our boxes and get our mail. When we first moved up here, we thought that was kinda weird, but we’ve grown to love it. All our mail is secure, and we have real people to talk to every day. One of the son’s of the family that run it is even in Tyson’s class. They work very hard to look after people, and one couple in the town started complaining about the lack of mail service. To cut a very long, and torrid story, a little shorter, there was a vote over the last few weeks, and the current service will be continued as is. I am so happy about that. Happy for this family that we know, happy for all the other little services that the post office provide to the people of this town. We have a LOT of older people and lower income people in our town, and the banking, bill-paying service alone that they provide is so valuable.

I also got another layout accepted by SM, which is great…. I’ve been submitting a bit more again, as I need to keep my name out there.

Ok, time to crawl back to bed. Feel free to post your favourite flu cures… my boss swears by Chicken broth with lots of onion, garlic and chili. Yum.Happy Crafting - Cassie.

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  1. jakbar

    Terribly sorry that you have gone down with the flu, Honey, and Sammy too. Guess you picked it up last weekend. We had a mini group on Thurs. -just 6 of us. Hope you pick up during the next few days, and doo rest up and not try to do too much too soon. We are innoculated against this Type A flu virus, or so Rchard told me today so yell if you get desperate and we/I will try to help. Love to you all , M&D.xxx

  2. Tania

    Oh Cassie! Sorry about catching the flu! That’s the worst, I hope you have a speedy recovery and the two other guys can avoid it!

  3. AmyK

    Oh no, Cassie! I’m sorry to hear you caught the flu. Ick! I’m glad to hear that your town’s post office woes turned out to your liking. I have no recipes for good flu cures, besides laying in bed as much as possible and watching Pride & Prejudice. 😉 Get better soon!!

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