Beautiful embroderies

Something that is much nicer to look at that the destruction wrought by our feathered friends, is what we have now hung up on our lounge room (music room) walls. This room is not particularly large, houses the only carpet in the house, and my beautiful Baby Grand piano (it’s a Kawai and it’s divine).

This room is almost directly to your left as you come in the front hall, and facing you is a lusciously rich red feature wall. The colour shifts away from the window, during early hours it’s more blue red, with the setting sun through the west facing front windows it becomes a rich ochre colour.

Certainly a sumptous backdrop to some of my favourite cross stitch pieces that I have worked very hard on over the years. Some of which waited upwards of 5 years for framing also.

This was only the third Cross-stitch project I ever completed, and was framed lovingly by my Dad. It’s really large and heavy, and I have plans to re-work it smaller so that it’s not so dominant. But I still love it!

In my garden I am a total sucker for bulbs, and these 2 fit the bill perfectly.

Framed by a professional who takes amazing pride in his work and came up with these cool mats to really show off my hard work!

Finally, the pride of my wall.

Mirabilia’s Rose of Sharon. She truly is stunning.

Stitched over linen, a lot of blood, sweat and tears went into this one. I totally love the way he framed her, we tried a lot of mat colours and this beautiful buttery yellow/gold combo just made her leap off the fabric.

So, there you go. Something much nicer to look at, and one of my favourite walls of the house. Thanks for stopping by for a visit!Happy Crafting - Cassie.

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