Starting a spring quilt!

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So, of course like everyone else I am hooked after making my first quilt. I always knew I would make a few more, as I had already started stashing the fabric for them when I got some on sale whilst shopping for my Grey and Yellow quilt. There is just something so comfortable about snuggling up under something that is so warm and light – the bamboo batting is awesome, I can highly recommend it! As well as it being something that gives you a buzz of satisfaction every time you see it.


Disappearing nine patch spring quilt - Cassandra Madge


So here is the start of my next quilt. I love this fresh blue and green combination, so we are having a spring grass quilt. The pattern will be a bit simpler this time, a disappearing nine-patch should make it look complex without being too much hard work. And I was thinking to use the dark blue centres with a + of different shades of green to make imitation sashing blocks. Somewhat similar to THIS tutorial. Well, that’s the current plan, I’ll start stitching them up and see how they look. The blocks are cut out at 5″ square, so it will be a fast quilt I hope!


Disappearing nine patch spring quilt - Cassandra Madge



Disappearing nine patch spring quilt - Cassandra Madge


And yes, I did mention spring. It has definitely sprung around here, we have been able to finally get out in the garden and start the preparations for the rest of the landscaping. Even got some concreting in today, which is pretty impressive. Although our 3 inches of thick heavy clay mud has dried up in 1 week and is now like cracked concrete. Ah well, I’d still rather have some sunshine. August wasn’t wet in terms of massive amounts of rainfall, but it had day after day of grey and patchy rain, not a lot of clear days at all. This weekend has been warm, sunny, and a breath of fresh air.

I have been discovering a few more flowers in our bare garden – and have been picking them to enjoy inside all the time. This is something that I’ve struggled with in the past, but it’s definitely a good policy. It’s helping me be more conscious of the turning of the season, and making sure I appreciate the return of the beautiful weather after quite a wet grey winter.


Single green arum lily lit up by the setting sun.


Some ranunculus and anemones with some teeny tiny daffodils.


So, I still haven’t seemed to get sick yet, although I have been teetering along the brink of it each evening before collapsing into bed, thinking, tomorrow when I wake up, I’m going to be crook. However DS1 is making his usual sterling recovery, DS2 went down with it rather spectacularly on Thursday and has been an unhappy camper ever since. They both have separate music performances this week, so I’m just nursing them as best as I can to get to that little goal-post, then we will see what happens. I hope that all the sunshine I got over the last 2 days definitely helps my immune system kick in to gear.

Hopefully tomorrow with one at school and one still at home I can sneak some sewing time to get started piecing my new quilt. I’ve worked out I probably only need a dozen blocks to make a decent sized lap quilt, we will see how much fabric I have left as to how big I will be making it.

So how are you celebrating the changes in weather wherever you are? Summer ending, or winter finally letting go!

Happy Crafting - Cassie.

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  1. Carol

    Great colour scheme. I find that the hardest thing of all, settling on a colour scheme when embarking on a new quilt. Terrific.

    • Cassandra

      Sorry Carol, colours are easy for me…. it’s the rotary cutting and sewing straight seams that let me down every time. Ah well, I keep telling myself to embrace imperfection!!

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