Thankful for a day’s harvest

I am still overwhelmed by the ability to go outside, collect eggs and vegetables, and use them to make nourishing food for my family. I am truly grateful for this. Although I still need bought ingredients, even these small steps in the food chain, are huge steps for me.

The rampant Coriander, the Silverbeet, Broad Beans in the background.
The green sprouting broccoli, still keeping coming. It grows by inches every day!

This harvest is a typical one for us, a couple of times a week. I pick silverbeet (also known as chard) or spinach leaves, any broccoli that is large enough to pick. Today was the first time picking the broad beans. I had never actually tried them, but apparently when you pick them this small, they can be cooked and eaten like regular beans. To be honest, that’s what they tasted like. The tiny ones came off a branch that was damaged by the wind, which had to be broken off. I stripped every tiny developing bean off there, then added some more the size of my little finger off the rest of the bush.

Sprouting Broccoli, eggs, Broad Beans and Silverbeet

The greens here went into a creamy pasta. With just a little onion and some leftover bacon, some tired asparagus out of the fridge, and it was a meal fit for a king.

Freshly picked Silverbeet

Tonight I will be collecting the same ingredients, and making a quiche. The quest to use up eggs continues, as there are now 4 dozen in the fridge again. Even with all the baking, making gelati, and eggs and bacon for dinner. Those chickens of ours are flooding us with their beautiful eggs. Good thing eggs go so well with fresh greens out of the garden, right?

So what bounty are you harvesting from your garden this week?Happy Crafting - Cassie.

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  1. Dayla

    I love broad beans, mine are almost ready for picking. Last year the rats got all of them but we have dealt with them. I sell my excess eggs to my girlfriends, they fight over them almost and rave about the flavour and size. It pays for their bought food which is all I want.
    Yes there is nothing like fresh veggies from your garden and making a meal with ingrediants you have grown.

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