Late spring garden update

I am using the term late spring very loosely, as we have had several days over 30degrees already this November, and very little rain – only 7mm in total for the month so far. It’s been great for our solar panels, but has stressed the chickens and the garden out. Last time I can remember a November this warm was when I was pregnant with DS2 – which makes it 13 years ago! To put this into perspective, historically our average temperature for November is 22.6, and our average rainfall is 40mm, so it’s a bit of a warm-up for summer.

So, what’s growing in the garden at the moment?

Our Giant Russian Sunflowers seem to be taller every time I go outside!! They are amazingly strong-looking, and the snails etc don’t seem to be bothering them which is a bonus at the moment.


The few bean plants that survived the snail onslaught are growing strongly up the sunflowers just as I hoped they might. I have no idea if this is a good idea or not, but I’m having fun experimenting!

These are Lazy Housewife beans. They were in short supply from Diggers seeds this year, so I’m glad that I didn’t lose ALL of them to the pests!

Of course all this heat has meant that my coriander plants have all bolted to seed. I’ve left them in the garden for now to help attract bees etc. I should make an effort to try to harvest the seeds – need to remember to buy paper bags next time I’m at the shops.

The lacy coriander flowers really are quite pretty.

I have officially lost the war between the green caterpillars and the broccoli, and started pulling the plants out to feed to the chickens. I need the space in the garden more than I need the stress! The tomato plants have gotten over being planted out and it’s obvious they are putting on some new growth. With all this lovely sunshine I think they will probably have a spurt soon.

Broad beans are ready for harvesting, I think. Never having grown them OR eaten them, I’m not 100% sure. Any advice?


Inside I have ambitiously started some late spring vegies – I didn’t get a chance to get any zucchini or watermelon started, and I need some silverbeet to replace what is currently trying to go to seed in the garden. The local weeds have mostly dried up in the heat, so the chickens need green feed, so the silverbeet that is around is being fed to them, day by day. I have also sown some more basil, as I lost the first batch to damping off after I planted them out. Drats.

The chickens are all fine now, getting along as normal. It’s obvious that Ruth is now the bottom of the pecking order, but both combatants have healed up beautifully and all four are back on the lay. Hopefully that’s the last broody we will have – forever if possible!!

So that’s about all I’ve got to update on for now. I have made passionfruit gelati for dessert, and some dough for an easy pizza dinner, so I’d better go start chopping up the other ingredients. Hope you all have a safe weekend, wherever you may be.



 Happy Crafting - Cassie.

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