Sewing Drawer Challenge

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Many people have issued and completed a junk drawer challenge. Often junk drawers reside in the kitchen, however, a drawer that is in need of organisation could be hiding anywhere….. even here in my sewing room.



Tucked in the very corner here is a Helmer unit from Ikea. It holds all my excess thread, zips, bias bindings, elastic, trim, beads and everything else imaginable. It’s a combined stash from my own sizeable collection and what I inherited from when I cleaned out my Mother’s sewing room.


Including these 2 rather shameful drawers that overflow as soon as you open them….



I had also picked up a stack of unused vintage zips from the op shop, as well as various other trims you can see in the background. However, there was no way this was going to fit into these drawers….. I had to cram everything in to get them to shut at all!

So, school holidays means that I get some time off the computer, as I share my big computer with DS1, so I took advantage of that time and emptied out all my zips, bias bindings, elastic and sorted it all out. Took the chance to throw away some that had perished, and sorted EVERY.SINGLE.ZIP by length…..

Everything got rubber banded up neatly….

Edited-0651 Edited-0652


And here are the finished drawers!! Not only do I know exactly what I do have…. but there is even room to get to it all! No more unravelled bias bindings all tangled up in plastic bags, not knowing what I have or where it is, with all the elastic knotted up in a mess.

So, that’s my junk drawer challenge for the holidays! I’m so excited to try some sewing projects to use some of my treasures now that I can get to them all.

I challenge you to tackle just one of your junk drawers. Doesn’t matter if it’s in your sewing room, your bathroom or your kitchen. Post a before and after photo if you’re brave enough, and let us know how you get on!Happy Crafting - Cassie.

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