Taming the under sink monster

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I’m about to show you something shameful. It has been bugging me for months, but I have told myself I didn’t have the time, funds, energy to do anything about it. Last week however, I said ENOUGH and just did it. Not quite how I hoped it would turn out, but I still think it’s a huge improvement. Needless to say, the male members of the family are not dazzled, however they had better help keep it looking this good is all I will say.

Yes, I’m talking about the dreaded cupboard under the sink. Where all sorts of cleaning supplies, bins, boxes and bags can lurk, ready to assault the unsuspecting visitor who asks “Where’s your bin?”


Our cupboard was particularly challenging due to where the plumber had placed all the inlet/outlet pipes. Because it’s an island bench, they all come up through the floor in the most inconvenient locations. Add a water filter system to that, throw in the dishwasher hoses, and nothing quite fits properly. So, out everything came, the entire cupboard got scrubbed down, and then the job of putting it all back together began.

Here’s the after! A few things thrown away, the large basket swapped for a smaller one, and there’s even some spare room! The bin just fits nicely, as does our little cardboard recycling carton where all the junk mail and bits of boxes go – we fill one of these every week with all the paper that accumulates in our house! What is just out of view here is a basket drilled into the left hand door which holds the current bottle of dishwasher powder and some other smaller supplies, and my nail brush which actually is my vegetable scrubbing brush.


Feels good to get that monster tamed!Happy Crafting - Cassie.

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