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Do you ever have those moments of overwhelm? When the different hurdles that life is throwing at you, all at once, make you wish for 8 legs, because you can no longer balance on two?

When just for a few minutes you turn into the worst version of yourself, with a raised voice and slamming dishes and nothing going right.

And then you just stop.


Make yourself a cup of anything…. tea, coffee, whatever you need. And sit down.

Just for 5 minutes, all alone and let the dust settle and the echoes quiet down into stillness.

And breathe.

Then you get up, pick up those burdens that were laying (metaphorically) around your feet, and you are ready trudge on again.

Tomorrow is ALWAYS another day.

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  1. peramangkelder

    Cassandra I too have times when I feel so overwhelmed. I rant and rave and slam dishes, doors or drawers. Then I take some time out to regroup. Then I pick up the pieces and start again. Never give Hope. Yes tomorrow is another day.

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