Adventures in book making

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I love books. I love the texture of paper, and printed words and old musty book smells. I have been collecting a large amount of vintage books over the past couple of years, with the intention of using the paper in my mixed media. But what to do with the actual books themselves? Make your own notebooks, sketchbooks or diaries out of them. DS1 and I worked on some as a school holiday project, here’s some of our steps.


Gutting the books of paper, then trimming old sketchbook pages to make signatures.Edited-1069

Checking the size of the signatures.

Stitching the signatures carefully together.Edited-1073

The finished book signatures.Edited-1075

Adding a coat of glue to help hold things together.Edited-1093

Adding the end papers to the text block.Edited-1101

My first finished text block.Edited-1102

My first finished book. I included two marker ribbons also before gluing the block into the cover.Edited-1103

As well as blank sketch paper, I included pages from children’s books…Edited-1104

My own Gelli print artwork, packaging paper, sheet music…Edited-1118

Vintage maps, dictionary pages and scrapbook paper.

DS1 found a series of Youtube tutorials by SeaLemon for the basic construction and the whole process is so simple we have already made several books together. We have a community book op-shop locally that often throws out these old books, as no-one will buy them and they have limited space. There’s a huge amount of possibilities for these old treasures, turning outdated books into something both useful and beautiful.

Happy Crafting - Cassie.

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    • Cassandra

      Naomi, I am definitely working on it…. just sourcing the right weight of sketching paper at the moment, something not too thick but with a nice drawing surface as well. I’ll be sure to advertise them on my site as well, so feel free to subscribe!

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