Crochet dishcloths

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I really needed to make some new cotton dishcloths. We use them daily and after years, I couldn’t go back to other cleaning cloths, like sponges or chux type things. I have, in the past, knitted these but I really wasn’t in the mood for knitting so I pulled out my crochet hook and had a go at crocheting some.

I couldn’t believe how fast they came together, and they are lovely and thick, with just the right amount of spaces between stitches and nice knobbly bits for washing. In the space of 1 day, I went through all the knitting cotton I had in the house, and made 4 cloths, plus two smaller ones for use with the coffee machine milk wand.


All I used was a mixture of double and treble rows, and some blue cotton I had left over to add some interest. They are certainly superior to the knitted ones I had made in the past. I’m so happy with how they turned out, and can’t wait to use them!

They are only ever used for dishes and the occasional wet wipe of the bench. Then rinsed out with hot water and left to air and dry over night. The cotton is both super absorbent and also breathes and dries really well, so I find that all I have to do is chuck them through the wash once a week and they are as good as new! Environmentally friendly, I feel like a grandma using them but they really did have it right back then. What other things have you replaced in this throw away society?

 Happy Crafting - Cassie.

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  1. Carol

    Oh my gosh Cassie I was just looking at some crocheted dishcloths on Pinterest yesterday! And then I read this. Spooky!

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