Quilting studio renovation – Week 8

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Wow, I can’t believe the changes that have happened in 2 short months. It’s nothing compared to the terrible state that the rooms were in before we moved in, however I don’t think they can be recognised in the beautiful light and airy spaces that we have now.


Quilting Studio Renovation Quilting Studio Renovation


Most of the weekend for my patient DH was spent with aching arms, speckled with paint or up a ladder. However, the end result is totally worth the pain. So light and airy, just ready for some colourful creations to decorate the walls and my own personal stamp put on the place. Above is the longarm room, Winnie’s new home.


Quilting Studio Renovation Quilting Studio Renovation


This is the fabulous space I will have for sewing and crafting, complete with dedicated stations for pressing, cutting and a sewing machine. Of course, my little blogging corner too. There will also need to be room for the two puppies, aka my shadows.


During some internet surfing in my downtime last week, I came across the very talented designer, Penguin & Fish. Alyssa is completely adorable and a talented embroidery designer. Not only did I join her newsletter (and got some fabulous patterns in exchange), but the latest post on her blog was too good not to share. Her number one craft room organization tip – highly worth the read as it quite possibly may change your ideas on organization and storage forever. It certainly made me stop and think hard about my crafting process and so on. Especially as I am a crafter with more than one craft on the go at any one time – I’m not multi-lingual, I’m multi-craftual!


Finally, I just had to share these glorious pictures with you from my garden. As you may know, we moved last year in December, so a lot of this year has been an adventure of discovery – different plants popping up and I’m never quite sure what’s going to appear next. Here in the vegetable patch, this crazy unknown plant grew to 5 feet tall before it finally flowered – shown here next to my pea vines for comparison. Bonus points for the naughty puppy who jumped into the garden to look for our local lizard.


Tall pink poppy


Tall pink poppy


Most of the flowers have been opening like the traditional poppy – pod centre, single layer of petals and the dark coloured eyes.


Tall pink poppy Tall pink poppy


However just one so far has opened like this. Incredible layers of ruffled petals, almost obscuring the centre. It truly is magnificent! You can bet that I’ll be saving seeds off this flower after it sets them.


Only a couple of weeks left before I officially open up the Juicy Quilting studio! Have you signed up for the mailing list? I will be putting out a once only offer for the founding studio members, to get it you need to have your name down before the launch! There may also be a prize draw, so if you’re considering using my services, you really don’t want to miss out!



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  1. Lindy

    We had those wonderful poppies for years. They are closely related to the opium poppy. And my mum-in-law would use the seeds in cooking. We started with pink, then some threw back to red. They are very tall. Enjoy them.

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