Bringing Winnie back to life!

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The subtitle of this post should be….. 12 feet is a VERY long distance.

With the work on the studio not scheduled to commence until August, we decided we couldn’t wait that long to assemble the frame and make sure Winnie hadn’t suffered any from her cross-country jaunt.

So, armed with some allen keys and the instruction manual, it was assembly time!

Edited-2965 Edited-2966

Laying out the parts and working out where all the legs fitted was easy.

Edited-2967 Edited-2968

There was a minor hiccup fixing the table the right way around, however we are adept at Ikea furniture, so this was a piece of cake in comparison.

Edited-2969 Edited-2970

Now all I needed to do was sort out the poles and we were ready to enthrone the new queen of the lounge room!

Edited-3002 Edited-3003

Tracks, rails, leaders, and ready for action!

Edited-2989 Edited-2990

Of course, just because it was my first quilt didn’t mean I didn’t have to push the boundaries a bit – making the backing large enough by piecing a strip through the middle, and I had to seam the batting as well.


Finally, my first quilt loaded and ready to stitch! Just using a digital edge 2 edge pantograph for this one, so I can focus on the technical aspects of loading, tension, keeping things square etc. From my tub of quilt tops I picked the beautiful blue Swell quilt that I made last year as part of the Simply Retro Challenge. So nice to see it turned into a finished quilt!

Swell Daisies quilt finished HQ Avante

Finally, off the frame, it looks fantastic. Very few teething issues – by following Handi Quilter’s fantastic information it was easy to load and get the thread tension right very quickly. You will have to wait for the full quilt reveal as I am still working on finding a good quilt photo location in this new house.

Where is YOUR favourite place to photograph quilts? Do you take them out to a park or other public place?

Happy Crafting - Cassie.

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9 Responses

  1. Tina

    Oh, I so envy you! We just moved at Christmas and I’m still decorating and trying to figure out where 12ft will go as I want to purchase a fusion. I sold my previous machine and am stalking all the LA’s to grab tips for once when we are ready. Your space will be perfect! I love your quilt top and the panto you chose for it. This excites me! I soon hope to be right along with you LA sister!

    • Cassandra

      Thanks for visiting and your lovely comments Tina. Yes, 12 feet is soooo big when you start laying things out. Looking forward to hearing your progress towards your fusion 🙂

  2. Kelly Cline

    Hi Cassandra! WOW, what an undertaking! Congratulations and good luck in your long arm adventure. I bought a Fusion almost 3 years ago and love it more than I can say! It will become your addiction. Have fun!!!

    • Cassandra

      Hi Kelly, thanks so much for visiting and your comments! I know what you mean about the addiction, I’ve been living and breathing quilting for so long it seems. I hope that I will have more fun progress to share soon 🙂

  3. Fiona

    The hardest part about getting s new frame is kearning how to use it but you’ve done well. Congrats chickie xoxo

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