Quilting studio renovation – Week 9

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I am getting so close to moving in to my new studio. Seriously excited over here, not to mention a bit tired. Thanks to some extremely hard work and a great team effort, we have a beautiful update for you this week!


Quilting Studio Renovation


Floors!! This was another part of the build that we chose to do ourselves. We used the Ikea Tundra floor in Antique Pine – gives a lovely glow without being overpowering and really warms up the room. I have to admit that this beautiful worms eye view hasn’t gotten old yet. I love them that much.


Quilting Studio Renovation


As an added bonus, we primed and painted all the skirting yesterday, ready for the builder to come back and install. DH just popped a couple of pieces around the room for to see how great they will look once they are all in!


Quilting Studio Renovation


Just the second fix carpentry left to do and a bit more painting, and then it’s moving day!! You can bet I’ll be putting some blackboard paint on that door too – I love my blackboard lists. Helps keep me on track and you just can’t beat the satisfaction of crossing things off!


Edited-Quilting Studio Renovation


My absolute proudest moment is how beautifully DH made the cuts to work around this wall and doorway in between the two rooms. They were a little fun to measure and mark, but the finished seamless result is worth it.


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6 Responses

    • Cassandra

      I know! I have to keep pinching myself that it’s really my space! Great incentive for cleaning up, decluttering my supplies and making it look really spic and span.

  1. Raquel

    It’s looking awesome! I wish I lived close enough to be able to take advantage of your Foundation Studio Members deals. You do gorgeous work! (And I totally hear you on the joy of crossing things off a list. :D)

    • Cassandra

      I guess that postage to and from the states is a little steep, which is a shame. You make lovely quilts, it would be a joy to quilt them for you Raquel!

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