Dapper Fox – Finished Quilt

With the exciting advent last year of DS1 buying his first home and moving out, I was moved to celebrate with a quilt! Enter the Fancy Fox pattern by Elizabeth Hartman!

As soon as I bought this pattern, I matched it to a jelly roll of gorgeous Lush Uptown fabric, bought the matching background fabric, and then promptly put it on the shelf for, oh, about 5 years to marinate. Finally the flavours were ready, and I spent a couple of days at the kitchen bench cutting and cutting and cutting it out (there are a lot of pieces!). Back in the cupboard to simmer for another year, and it was finally time to put the blocks together and MAKE A QUILT!

On the 18th of December, 2020 I had made a grand total of 14 blocks. In between other projects and quilting for clients, the pile grew, and grew. The best part of having all the pieces cut out and clipped into individual blocks is being able to just sit down and knock out one or two with very little thought. 26th January 2021 the house had been signed for and I was up to 42 blocks completed!

Settlement was looming as I hit March, finishing at 80 blocks on the 8th March, with all the rows together with sashing and borders by the 13th of the month! Loaded on the frame a few days later, with a looming due date of 22nd March! By the time I bound it, added a label and washed it for the ultimate crinkle factor, I was only a week or so behind, so I’m calling that a win. Of course, blogging it has taken a year, but you can’t rush these things!

The last photo above shows what I love to call the stained glass version – looking through the back of the quilt towards the light! You can see all the seams that vanish so beautifully in the quilted sashings. Quilting pattern is called Heatwave which is a free digital design from Urban Elementz.

So, what quilts have you made a gifted for a new house, or a new baby, engagement or wedding lately? How long did you take to plan and make them?
Happy Crafting - Cassie.

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