Saturday Photo fun

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Yesterday we had a busy day rearranging the furniture (again!). Then in the afternoon we went for a walk to a local wetland area with our friends *K* and _M_. *K* and I went for a long walk and left … Continued

Digital Scrapbooking

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So now I suppose it’s time to introduce you to my other passion – one which ties in quite nicely to digital photography! I started off as a paper scrapper July 2004, but in July 2005 made a somewhat relieved … Continued


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Oh, I am so tired… I had to go to the city twice yesterday (70km+ round trip), I had a class from 6 until 9, so I didn’t get dinner until 10. Today has been WALK day with my dear … Continued


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So, today I thought I’d blab a bit about photos…. I have a beautiful Canon 350D (Rebel XT to all those across the pacific!) with a couple of lenses and an external flash. It’s my first slr, but not my … Continued

First Post!

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Well, I’ve finally succumbed to the blogging phenomenon, after having been an avid reader of several for a few weeks, I couldn’t resist any longer. You see, I like to talk, a lot in fact…. just ask my family. But … Continued

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